This protocol is used by all Queclink GPS tracking devices.

To connect Queclink to Wialon or other platforms via flespi please read this article.

Below is the list of parameters that can appear in the messages received by the channel via queclink protocol. In most parameters, the name consists of tags split by dots: tag1.tag2.tag3.tag4... Each tag defines a certain area of an application, e.g. any parameter that contains mileage data has the 'mileage' tag in the name and any parameter related to fuel control contains the 'fuel' tag. By default JSON fields of the message received by a channel via this protocol can only contain the below-specified parameters. Any additional parameter will be prefixed by the "custom" tag, e.g. "custom.unspecified-name".

Name Type Unit Description
acceleration.array array g Array of objects with acceleration data by x, y, and z axis
ain number volts Voltage on the analog input
ain.voltage.alarm.event boolean Analog input voltage is inside alarm range
alarm.event boolean Alarm event triggered
apn string Access point network, main or backup
apn.password string Access point password
apn.username string Access point username
backup.battery.connected.status boolean Backup battery is connected
backup.battery.low.status boolean Backup battery low
backup.battery.voltage number volts Backup battery voltage
battery.charging.status boolean Battery charging status
battery.level number percentage Internal battery level
battery.low.status boolean Battery low status
battery.voltage number volts Internal battery voltage
camera.id number Camera ID
can.abs.failure.indicator.status boolean ABS failure indicator status read from CAN
can.adblue.level number percentage Adblue level read from CAN
can.airbags.indicator.status boolean Airbags indicator status read from CAN
can.air.condition.status boolean CAN air conditioning is on
can.axle.weight number kg Weight on the axle read from CAN
can.battery.indicator.status boolean Battery indicator status read from CAN
can.brake.fluid.low.indicator.status boolean Brake fuel low indicator status read from CAN
can.brake.system.failure.indicator.status boolean Brake system failure indicator status read from CAN
can.central.lock.status boolean CAN central lock is locked
can.check.engine.indicator.status boolean Check engine indicator status read from CAN
can.connection.status boolean CAN bus connection status
can.control.module.voltage number volts Control module voltage read from CAN
can.coolant.level.low.indicator.status boolean Coolant level low indicator status read from CAN
can.cruise.status boolean CAN cruise control is active
can.doors.boot.status boolean CAN doors info: boot is opened
can.doors.status boolean CAN any door is opened
can.doors.trunk.status boolean CAN doors info: trunk is opened
can.driver.door.status boolean CAN driver door is opened
can.driver.seatbelt.indicator.status boolean CAN driver seatbelt indicator is on
can.dtc string Diagnostic trouble code read from CAN
can.dtc.cleared.mileage number km Vehicle mileage since diagnostic trouble codes were cleared, read from CAN
can.engine.braking.factor number Engine braking factor value, read from CAN
can.engine.coolant.temperature number celsius Engine coolant temperature read from CAN
can.engine.hot.indicator.status boolean Engine hot indicator status read from CAN
can.engine.ignition.state number Engine ignition state: 0 - ignition off, 1 - ignition on, 2 - engine on
can.engine.load.level number percentage Calculated engine load level read from CAN
can.engine.motorhours number hours Total engine motorhours read from CAN
can.engine.rpm number rpm Engine RPM read from CAN
can.engine.temperature number celsius Engine temperature read from CAN
can.front.fog.lights.status boolean CAN front fog lights are on
can.fuel.consumed number liters Fuel volume totally consumed by vehicle read from CAN
can.fuel.consumption number liters/h Engine fuel rate read from CAN
can.fuel.consumption.distance number liters/100km Fuel consumption read from CAN
can.fuel.idle.consumed number liters Fuel volume totally consumed during idling state of the vehicle read from CAN
can.fuel.level number percentage Fuel level in tank read from CAN
can.fuel.low.indicator.status boolean CAN low fuel indicator is on
can.fuel.volume number liters CAN fuel volume
can.handbrake.status boolean CAN handbrake is pulled up
can.high.beam.status boolean CAN hish beams are on
can.lights.front.fog.light.status boolean CAN lights info: front fog light status
can.lights.hazard.lights.status boolean CAN lights info: hazard lights status
can.lights.high.beam.status boolean CAN lights info: high beam status
can.lights.low.beam.status boolean CAN lights info: low beam status
can.lights.rear.fog.light.status boolean CAN lights info: rear fog light status
can.lights.running.lights.status boolean CAN lights info: running lights status
can.low.beam.status boolean CAN low beams are on
can.mileage.fuel.remain number km The mileage to drive on remaining fuel
can.mil.mileage number km Distance traveled while malfunction indicator lamp is activated, read from CAN
can.mil.status boolean Malfunction indicator lamp status read from CAN
can.oil.level.low.indicator.status boolean Oil level low indicator status read from CAN
can.oil.pressure.indicator.status boolean Oil pressure indicator status read from CAN
can.passenger.door.status boolean CAN passenger door is opened
can.pedal.brake.status boolean CAN brake pedal pressed
can.pedal.braking.factor number Pedal braking factor value, read from CAN
can.pedal.clutch.status boolean CAN clutch pedal pressed
can.rear.fog.lights.status boolean CAN rear fog lights are on
can.rear.left.door.status boolean CAN rear left door is opened
can.rear.right.door.status boolean CAN rear right door is opened
can.reverse.gear.status boolean CAN reverse gear is on
can.running.lights.status boolean CAN running lights are on
can.service.call.indicator.status boolean Service call indicator status read from CAN
can.software.version string CAN device software version
can.throttle.pedal.level number percentage Throttle pedal push level read from CAN
can.total.accelerator.kickdowns number Total number accelerator kick-downs, read from CAN
can.total.accelerator.kickdowns.time number hours Total driving time when accelerator kick-down, read from CAN
can.total.brake.applications number Total brake applications count read from CAN
can.total.cruise.control.time number hours Total driving time when cruise control is ON, read from CAN
can.total.driving.time number hours Engine run time read from CAN
can.total.effective.engine.speed.time number hours Total effictive engine speed time read from CAN
can.total.engine.idle.time number hours Time of engine running in idling status (vehicle stopped) since vehicle manufacture, read from CAN
can.total.engine.overspeed.time number hours CAN total time, when vehicle engine rpm was greater than the limit defined in CAN configuration
can.total.rapid.accelerations number Total number of rapid accelerations
can.total.rapid.brakes number Total number of rapid brakes
can.total.vehicle.overspeed.time number hours CAN total time, when vehicle speed was greater than the limit defined in CAN configuration.
can.trunk.status boolean CAN trunk is opened
can.vehicle.mileage number km Total vehicle mileage read from CAN
can.vehicle.mileage.impulses number CAN total vehicle mileage measured in impulses
can.vehicle.speed number km/h Vehicle speed read from CAN
can.vehicle.vin string Vehicle VIN read from CAN
cdma.bid number CDMA Base statis identification
cdma.nid number CDMA Network identification
cdma.sid number CDMA System identification
channel.id number ID of channel that received a message
configuration.command.id number Configuration update command ID
configuration.download.url string URL to download configuration from
configuration.update.result number Configuration update result code
continuous.wave.jamming number Current continuous vawe jamming value
crash.data number Crash event additional data
crash.event boolean Crash event detected
crash.frame.seqnum number Sequence number of current message for the crash event
crash.frames.total number Total number of messages for the crash event
crash.position.seqnum number Sequential number of GNSS position associated with crash event
crash.seqnum number Sequence number of crash event
daylight.saving.status boolean Daylight saving is active
debug.info string Debug info to send to Queclink technical support
device.id number ID of device that received a message
device.name string Name of device that received a message
device.temperature number celsius Temperature of device
device.type.id number ID of device type of device that received a message
din number Digital inputs bitmask
dns.server string DNS server, main and backup
dout number Digital outputs bitmask
engine.ignition.off.duration number seconds Duration of ignition off
engine.ignition.on.duration number seconds Duration when engine is on
engine.ignition.status boolean Engine ignition status
engine.motorhours number hours Total calculated engine motorhours
engine.rpm number rpm Engine RPM read from CAN
event.enum number Event code, full list of codes available at separate table
event.seqnum number Unique event sequence number
external.powersource.connected.status boolean External power supply connected
external.powersource.voltage number volts External power voltage
external.powersource.voltage.alarm.event boolean Voltage if external power supply is inside alarm range
fault.code number HW fault code
file.name string File name
firmware.update.code number Firmware update confirmation code
firmware.version string Firmware version
fuel.level number percentage Fuel level percentage
fuel.loss.alarm.event boolean Fuel loss alarm
geofence.check.interval number seconds The check interval of geofence
geofence.id number Geofence ID
geofence.radius number meters The radius of geofence
geofences.ids.bitmask number Geofences ids bitmask
geofence.status boolean Geofence entered status
geofence.type.enum number Geofence type enum: 0 - cyclic, 1 - polygon
geofencing.trigger.mode string The trigger mode of geofencing function
gnss.antenna.status boolean GNSS receiver antenna status
gnss.jamming.status boolean GNSS receiver signal jamming detected
gnss.status boolean GNSS receiver on/off status
gsm.cellid number GSM base station ID
gsm.jamming.event boolean GSM signal jamming detected
gsm.lac number GSM location area code
gsm.mcc string GSM mobile country code
gsm.mnc string GSM mobile network code
gsm.network.type string The type of the mobile network the device is currently registered to
gsm.roaming.state number GSM roaming state: 0 - home, 1 - known roaming, 2 - unknown roaming, 3 - blocking report
gsm.signal.dbm number dbm Strength of GSM signal
gsm.signal.quality number The quality (bit error rate) of GSM signal
gsm.sim.iccid string Integrated Circuit Card Id of SIM card
gsm.timing.advance number GSM timing advance
harsh.acceleration.event boolean Harsh acceleration detected
harsh.behavior.speed.level.enum number Speed level at which harsh behaviour is detected: 1 - low, 2 - medium, 3 - high
harsh.braking.event boolean Harsh braking detected
ibutton.authorized.status boolean iButton authorized status
ibutton.code string Hexadecimal code of connected iButton
ident string Device unique identificator and optional password
idle.status boolean Vehicle is in idling state
idle.status.duration number seconds Duration of vehicle being in the last idling state
ignition.off.timestamp number seconds Timestamp when ignition was turned off
ignition.on.timestamp number seconds Timestamp when ignition was turned on
image.timestamp number seconds Timestamp when image was taken
input.output.alarm.event boolean Input/output port binding alarm event triggered
ip.address string IP address of device
jamming.state number GNSS jamming state: 0 - unknown, 1 - ok, 2 - warning, 3 - critical
led.on.status boolean Power LED and gps LED working status
light.alarm.status boolean The light intensity is higher than predefined threshold
light.level number Device removal light level
light.sensor.level number Light level detected by light sensor
main.powersource.status boolean Main power supply connection status
message.buffered.status boolean Black box message
movement.status boolean Current movement state
network.connected.event boolean GPRS connection established event
obd.connected.status boolean OBDII device is connected to vehicle
odb.connected.event boolean Device connected to OBDII interface event
onewire.sensor.serial string External 1-Wire sensor serial number in HEX representation
onewire.sensor.temperature number celsius External 1-Wire temperature sensor value
parking.geofence.active.status boolean The current parking geofence is active/inactive
payload.hex string HEX Payload received from device
payload.text string Text Payload received from device
peer string IP:port from which device connecting to the channel
pin15.mode number Current working mode of pin 15
position.altitude number meters Altitude value for position
position.direction number degrees Heading angle at position detection moment
position.fix.type.enum string A string to indicate what kind of GPS fixing this cell information is for
position.hdop number Horizontal dilution of precision
position.latitude number degrees Latitude coordinate value
position.longitude number degrees Longitude coordinate value
position.satellites number Quantity of satellites used to calculate coordinates for given position information
position.speed number km/h Instant speed at position detection moment
position.timestamp number seconds Timestamp when coordinates where calculated
position.valid boolean Is position information accurate and valid for given timestamp
power.off.reason.enum number Power OFF reason enum
power.on.reason.enum number Power ON reason enum
power.on.status boolean Power-on device status
power.saving.mode.status boolean Power saving mode active/inactive
prev.fuel.level number percentage Previous fuel level
protocol.id number ID of protocol
reboot.din.id number ID of digital input port that triggered reboot
reboot.reason.enum number Terminal reboot reason
report.code string Report code
report.reason.enum string Report sending reason: periodic, real time request, ignition on/off
satellite.power number Satellite power
secondary.battery.charge.status boolean Secondary battery is charging
secondary.battery.level number percentage Backup battery level
segment.max.speed.position.altitude number meters Altitude of the highest speed position
segment.max.speed.position.direction number degrees Heading angle of the highest speed position
segment.max.speed.position.hdop number Horizontal dilution of precision of the highest speed position
segment.max.speed.position.latitude number degrees Latitude of the highest speed position
segment.max.speed.position.longitude number degrees Longitude of the highest speed position
segment.max.speed.position.speed number km/h The speed of the highest speed position
segment.max.speed.position.timestamp number seconds Timestamp of the highest speed position
sensor.address string Accessory address
sensor.hardware.version string Hardware version of the sensor
sensor.humidity number percentage Humidity sensor value, i.e. relative air humidity level
sensor.id string Sensor ID
sensor.illuminance number lux Illuminance measured by light sensor
sensor.online.status boolean Accessory is online status
sensor.protocol.version string Sensor protocol version
sensor.software.version string Software version of the sensor
sensor.temperature number celsius Temperature sensor value
sensor.type.enum number Accessory type: 1 - panic button, 2 - temperature sensor, 3 - temperature and humidity sensor
server.timestamp number seconds Timestamp when server received a message
speed.alarm.status boolean Speed is in predefined speed range
tacho.direction.status boolean Tachograph driving direction
tacho.driver.card.code string Driver identification card id for tacho
tacho.driver.card.status boolean Tacho driver card presence
tacho.driver.name string Tachograph driver name
tacho.driver.work.state.enum string Driver work state
tacho.motion.status boolean Tachograph vehicle motion signal
tacho.overspeed.status boolean Tachograph overspeed signal
temperature.alarm boolean Temperature alarm event
temperature.alarm.status boolean Temperature alarm status: true - temperature is within predefined range, false - temperature is beyond predefined range
temperature.alarm.type.enum string Type of temperature alarm
timestamp number seconds Message timestamp
time.zone.offset string Time zone offset, +-HHMM
towing.event boolean Towing event detected
trip.average.engine.load.level number percentage Average engine load during trip
trip.average.engine.rpm number rpm Average engine RPM during trip
trip.average.throttle.pedal.level number percentage Average throttle pedal level during trip
trip.fuel.consumed.level number percentage Fuel consumed during trip
trip.max.engine.load.level number percentage Max engine load during trip
trip.max.engine.rpm number rpm Max engine RPM during trip
trip.max.throttle.pedal.level number percentage Max throttle pedal level during trip
trip.status boolean Trip status, true if trip started, false - if stopped
vehicle.mileage number km Total calculated mileage
vehicle.model.id number Vehicle model ID reported by CAN
vehicle.model.name string Vehicle model name reported by CAN
vehicle.parked.event boolean Vehicle long stop event triggered
vehicle.registration.number number Vehicle registration number
vehicle.state string Vehicle state, such as moving, idling, parked etc
vehicle.vin string VIN of vehicle
virtual.ignition.mode number Virtual ignition detection mode: 2 - external power voltage, 4 - accelerometer
voltage.range.status boolean Analog input voltage inside/outside predefined range: true - inside, false - outside
x.acceleration number g Accelerometer value X
y.acceleration number g Accelerometer value Y
z.acceleration number g Accelerometer value Z

Below is the list of commands that can be sent to devices to change their configuration or to send signals to various outputs. When sending a command you can specify the transport type defining how the command will be delivered - the address parameter can take values connection (via network connection once the device goes online), sms (via SMS message), push (via PUSH notification). A comprehensive format of each command with all possible parameter values, parameter types, default values, etc. can be found in the REST API documentation in your flespi.io account.

Title Name Description Properties
AT Command at Send custom AT command to device cmd: Command to send, after AT+

payload: Command payload after password and up to count number: ',FFFF$' will be appended automatically by server

password: Device password
Activate digital outputs