Test protocol by Gurtam used for demonstration and testing purposes.

Connection to channel with given protocol allows to emulate interaction between device and flespi gateway. Connect to the channel's IP:port via telnet-like tool. The following options are available:

  1. set an ident (to emulate device-like interaction connection can be identified with device's unique string)
  2. register messages (emulates registration of up to 1K messages from emulating device)
  3. switch to eсho mode (connection will reply with received data to any incoming message)

Detailed instructions on how to try this protocol available in flespi 10 minutes play guide.

Below is the list of parameters that can appear in the messages received by the channel via test protocol. In most parameters, the name consists of tags split by dots: tag1.tag2.tag3.tag4... Each tag defines a certain area of an application, e.g. any parameter that contains mileage data has the 'mileage' tag in the name and any parameter related to fuel control contains the 'fuel' tag. By default JSON fields of the message received by a channel via this protocol can only contain the below-specified parameters. Any additional parameter will be prefixed by the "custom" tag, e.g. "custom.unspecified-name".

Name Type Unit Description
channel.id number ID of channel that received a message
custom Any custom parameter
device.id number ID of device that received a message
device.name string Name of device that received a message
device.type.id number ID of device type of device that received a message
ident string Device unique identificator and optional password
peer string IP:port from which device connecting to the channel
protocol.id number ID of protocol
server.timestamp number seconds Timestamp when server received a message
timestamp number seconds Message timestamp

Below is the list of commands that can be sent to devices to change their configuration or to send signals to various outputs. When sending a command you can specify the transport type defining how the command will be delivered - the address parameter can take values connection (via network connection once the device goes online), sms (via SMS message), push (via PUSH notification). A comprehensive format of each command with all possible parameter values, parameter types, default values, etc. can be found in the REST API documentation in your flespi.io account.

Title Name Description Properties
Send custom command custom Send command with any parameters using connection to channel
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