2 January, 2023

December 2022 change log

Major flespi improvements in December 2022.

After a few months in a row with a lot of features delivered and small but important changes implemented into the platform, we had a nice and almost calm December.

We had a few short downtimes due to uplink network connection issues and one delay in our streams' operation that occurred on December 20. Total monthly uptime was 99.9931% which benchmarked our final yearly uptime at 99.9929% with 2,232 seconds of detected platform unavailability in the course of 2022. 37 minutes in a whole year — is it a lot or not? If you ask me about this — I think for the year, it is a good rank. But if we dive into details and look into each specific downtime, when the platform was not available due to uplink connection problems (mostly) or any other reasons — each such case pulses with a lot of pain in my heart. And each such problem is a deep investigation case to find a room for improvement and prevent such problems in the future. Even for uplink failures which are mostly beyond our control, each time we request an investigation report and require a similar attitude to the failure from our uplink provider.

We installed quite a few small updates to the telematics hub and especially its analytics part to make it slightly better. 

We implemented a new stream type — GpsGate

Among the simple but popular features is the update to Toolbox — the possibility to re-register device messages in order to reactivate its plugins and streams when needed.

And if you've missed — we've recently published our roadmap for 2023. In short — we plan to release a new automation module, install flespi into the second datacenter, dive into video telematics, provide specialized vertical APIs to make telematics usage even simpler, and finally proactively inform our users about various anomalies and generate advice in order for them to squeeze the maximum from telematics. Find more details in the article itself.

By any forecast 2023 won’t be an easy year — the war in Ukraine, tight East/West relations, inflation, high energy prices, and so on. Well — what doesn’t kill us makes us better — I wish everyone to stay healthy, happy, beloved, and leave these problems out of your life track. There will obviously be good times because life is like a zebra. Now we are approaching the dark streak, but the white one will follow soon. Maybe even quicker than you can expect…

And Happy New Year, of course!