1 March, 2022

February 2022 change log

Major flespi improvements in February 2022.

Dear friends,

Last Thursday (Feb 24, 2022) Russia started aggression towards Ukraine. They call it a special military operation, but in fact, this is a real war with hundreds of peaceful Ukrainians dying each day.

Flespi stays with Ukraine and we provided all our commercial flespi users from Ukraine with a 100% discount for the next six months (and more if needed). Not now of course, but later they will restore the country and I hope flespi will help them with it.

Initially, our team was located in Belarus, which is a neighboring country to Ukraine, but after elections in 2020, some of us moved away due to repressions from the illegitimate regime. Still, four members of our team are currently located in Belarus and we are now doing everything possible to take them with their families to the EU. Six of the ten members are already permanently located in the USA and EU countries.

It's a hard time and I will be very laconic about our achievements in February this time.

Our uptime was 100% in both regions.

We installed two major updates to the analytics system which are described in detail in this article. One is a simple way to use the flespi analytics engine for notifications about the current state of the device. And another is a fully transparent output of analytics operations into the calculator logs which makes analytics debugging two levels easier.

Our front-end guys released a special tool for testing and constructing expressions. We will cover this feature with a separate blog article later, but now constructing a correct expression — either for plugin or analytics is much simpler.

And also we are testing a new version of the refactored telematics gateway sub-system. This is a work in progress for eight months so far and we are analyzing how it works in parallel to the older version. This is a large refactoring in order to make it better, quicker with less RAM used. If you don’t notice anything, this will be our best result.

Those were the major updates we had. Each evening I’m crossing my fingers wishing Kyiv to stay alive, stay Ukrainian, and together with the help of all civilized world we will help to protect it. 

Stay safe. Be honest. Do the right thing.