10 April, 2018

First MQTT 5.0-compliant broker on the market. flespi takes the lead

The latest MQTT 5 standard fully supported - shared subscriptions, retained messages, response topic, maximum packet size, and more.

OASIS released the official MQTT 5.0 specification a few days before the New Year 2018. Now, at the beginning of April 2018, we proudly state that flespi MQTT broker becomes the first to implement the key features of the new standard! We would like to point out a few provisions that should help you decide if you want to head to MQTT 5.0 with flespi.

What does MQTT 5.0 bring to you?

MQTT v5 has been long awaited by many, primarily, because the previous version 3.1.1 is missing a number of features common and habitual in other communication protocols, such as HTTP or AMQP. Looks like v5 implements most of the expected improvements. Yes, at the price of slightly higher complexity and packet size. But it should be worth the price in most cases.

We have briefly summarized the benefits from the MQTT 5.0 in the following table:



Built-in load balancing

Better session management

  • Receive maximum

  • Maximum packet size

  • Topic alias

  • Subscription identifier

Flexible traffic management

  • Response topic

Request/response pattern implementation

What does flespi MQTT broker offer on top of that?

Meeting the specification is a decent step, but how about a little extra? Apart from being the pioneer and giving you a chance to advance your infrastructure with the latest developments early, we’ve got more stuff you’ll like:

Isolated namespace. You get own namespace that only you can manage and customize. We give you the freedom to name your messages however you want and build the hierarchy of topics you need.

REST API. flespi enables you to manage all aspects of the MQTT broker (sessions, messages, retained messages, logs, etc.) from your application via REST requests.

Access control. Customize access permissions to your topics with flexible ACLs (access control lists). Create tokens with different sets of rights and assign them to users or user groups to grant safe but sufficient amount of control depending on the people’s responsibilities and needs.

Superior performance. This is one of the key benefits you get with the flespi MQTT broker. It’s fast! Since MQTT is mainly for IoT applications, the data flow can be massive. flespi can receive one million messages per second and send three million messages per second to satisfy the most data-intensive projects.

Free by default. Yes, it can still be affordable! Use our broker for free without time limits or features limitations. You get a fully-functional, reliable and secure broker suitable for your dearest projects and newest endeavors at no cost. Generous restrictions apply. Commercial SLA available for officially guaranteed availability and support.

Note: we also have a basic MQTT client implemented directly on our site.

Do you still need a call to action?

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, we won’t push you further. We’ve outlined what we are good at. You know your project needs better than us. Take your time, test it as much as you need, read more on the topic, ask questions, and do what’s right for you!