15 February, 2023

Top Suntech GPS trackers on the flespi platform

What models of Suntech devices were the most popular on flespi and what is special about them?

We are continuing our series of articles about the top GPS hardware manufacturers on the flespi platform. Last time we talked about Topflytech. Today we put Suntech in the spotlight.

Suntech is a major South Korean brand of GPS tracking equipment grounded in 2001 that confidently competes on the South and North American markets as well as in other parts of the globe.

BTW, Suntech made it into our January 2023 Top-3 hardware manufacturers with 3,500+ connected devices. Let’s look which specific Suntech models were most frequently connected to flespi in 2022.


top suntech devices

The top 5 Suntech models by the number of connections to the flespi platform are:

  1. Suntech ST310U basic water-resistant vehicle GPS tracker 

  2. Suntech ST410 cardboard box GPS tracker

  3. Suntech ST4340 LTE water-resistant vehicle GPS tracker

  4. Suntech ST4500 OBD LTE vehicle GPS tracker

  5. Suntech ST4345c LTE water-resistant vehicle GPS tracker

Notable features

  • As seen from the list of models above, Suntech trackers are a popular choice for fleet management solutions of any scale — the trackers from different segments (OBD, basic, advanced) were in demand.

  • Since LTE (Cat M1/NB-IoT) has become ubiquitous in most countries, all vehicle trackers (except the most low-cost one) support this connectivity standard.

  • All vehicle trackers (except OBD one) are made water-resistant (IP67 compliant) — this fact greatly extends their scope of applications — from just vehicles to trailers, containers, trains and even such water-exposed assets like yachts.

  • The white crow in the list above is a one-of-a-kind box tracker. This GPS tracker is convenient for recovering expensive goods packed in carton boxes that might be stolen during transportation. The device reports GPS and LBS data and can work autonomously for up to 95 days (depending on the reporting frequency).  

Expert opinion 

We asked Vladimir Tihonchuk, a hardware specialist in Gurtam, to share his experience with the Suntech devices and where this hardware gained exceptional popularity:

I’ve been working with Suntech GPS trackers since 2012, so I am very well familiar with them. When we were performing the first integrations, Suntech guys sent us a full box of versatile devices for proper testing.

What I want to specifically point out is great circuitry — nothing to criticize. The casings of the trackers are always solid and robust — you can be sure that they will survive long-term use and harsh environment. Firmware is good, even though flaws may happen (which is normal). On the positive side, the technical support is very responsive, so the bugs are fixed regularly.

The combination of high-quality and very competitive price brought the brand to confident positions on the markets across the globe, but especially in the Latin American region (regardless of the fact that devices are manufactured in South Korea). Suntech even develops custom firmware specifically for the LatAm market.


Suntech presence on the flespi platform increased by 71% in 2022 resulting in 8,000+ connected devices and it’s not accidental. Indeed, the company is not just offering high-quality GPS hardware, which is already taken for granted in the industry, but is innovating in engineering (the first company to introduce a chip-based design in GPS tracking, technology innovation corporation 2016 in Korea), form factor (e.g. box trackers), and connectivity (e.g. radio-frequency, satellites, Sigfox). 

With a wide range of vehicle, asset, container, and personal GPS devices, Suntech is a reasonable option to consider for your upcoming projects.