18 January, 2023

Top 10 GPS hardware manufacturers 2022

Which brands contributed the most to the growth of the flespi platform.

UPD: Unlock the latest insights and dive into the 2023 hardware manufacturers rating! :)

In 2022 flespi grew by nearly 200,000 devices from 100+ GPS tracker manufacturers. The GPS trackers from the top ten brands made up 90% of that number. In this overview, we want to give credit to these companies and tell a little more about how they grew and why our clients picked this telematics hardware for their projects.

Disclaimer: This rating is by no means objective and does not reflect the situation on the market for telematics equipment. However, it’s definitely worth careful analysis and consideration, since our clients are technological and IT companies that develop advanced telematics and IoT solutions and deeply care about reliability and functionality of their products.

Let’s have a closer look at the top GPS hardware manufacturers based on our client’s preference.

10. Suntech

Suntech grew by almost 3,500 devices (71% year-to-year) and now amounts in 8000+ connected units. This South Korean brand offers a number of quality GPS trackers for fleet management, asset management, and IoT applications and wins particular popularity in South and North America.

9. Sinotrack

Sinotrack grew by 4,000+ devices (231% year-to-year) and now amounts in almost 6000 connected units. This Chinese brand came to be a dark horse for us. However, the dynamics it has shown on our platform made us take it more seriously. After all, Sinotrack has 13 years of experience in telematics, boasts 6,000,000+ installed devices, and has integrations with multiple software platforms.

8. Topflytech

This brand showed the highest relative growth on the platform. Topflytech grew by 5,800+ devices (1722% year-to-year) and now amounts in 6000+ connected units. Topflytech is well-known for its high-quality specialized produce with distinctive features, e.g. solar-power asset trackers, portable parcel trackers, and more.

7. Atrack

Atrack grew by 9,000+ devices (230% year-to-year) and now amounts in 13,000+ connected units. This Taiwanese brand has been delivering all types of telematics devices for all types of industries in 120+ countries for over 20 years. The recent releases include a long standby asset trackers (with up to 10 years of battery life), LTE Cat.4 telematics gateway, and other advanced devices.

6. BCE/Xirgo Global (now Sensata Insights)

BCE grew by 9,800 devices (155% year-to-year) and now amounts in 16,000+ connected units. The Xirgo Global (former BCE) brand owned by Sensata offers a full range of GNSS tracking devices from basic tracking to CAN-BUS solution, digital tachograph data download, driver identification, carsharing, and many more. The company also produces a series of devices working over MQTT protocol that gives solution providers greater flexibility when implementing even very complex systems. 

The Top-5 is a slightly different league — the percent growth is not always huge, but the absolute numbers are impressive.

5. Ruptela

Ruptela grew by 13,400+ devices (57% year-to-year) and now amounts in 36,500+ connected units. This Lithuanian company is a powerful player in transport telematics across the globe with its reliable GPS hardware sold in 127 countries and TrustTrack fleet management platform gaining popularity.

4. Concox

Concox grew by 15,600+ devices (31% year-to-year) and now amounts in 65,500+ connected units. Jimi IoT (aka Concox) is one of the world leaders in design and production of connected devices. Apart from a wide range of cutting-edge telematics devices for vehicles, assets, bikes, people, etc., the company delivers complementary services such as Jimi IoT Hub, TrackSolid Pro fleet management software, Open API, and other.

3. Queclink

Queclink grew by 20,000+ devices (100% year-to-year) and now amounts in 40,000+ connected units. Ranked No.2 among aftermarket telematics hardware suppliers, Queclink creates top-notch solutions for transportation, video telematics, asset tracking, mobility, and even livestock. The company has participated in IoT projects for 3800+ clients from 140+ countries helping them benefit from the possibilities of the connected world.

2. Coban

Coban grew by 28,000+ devices (46% year-to-year) and now amounts in 89,000+ connected units. This Chinese brand manufactures numerous basic and advanced GPS trackers for vehicles, motorcycles, e-bikes, pets, people, and assets. The produce is pretty inexpensive, which makes it popular with the wider audience.

1. Teltonika

Teltonika grew by 95,500+ devices (230% year-to-year) and now amounts in 137,000+ connected units. This Lithuanian brand shows exceptional results on the flespi platform for a reason — it offers a wide range of high-quality GPS trackers, proficient sales teams across the globe, convenient reference resources, and efficient support that together make it trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide. Our engineering team has direct communication with the Teltonika engineers, which also contributes to fast and precise integrations of the new equipment to the flespi platform.

On the pie chart below, you can see what share each of the top 10 brands constitutes in the overall devices' growth:

top 10 gps hardware manufacturers 2022

Summing up

Even though basic GPS tracking is still prevalent in developing countries, which contributes to the popularity and high sales of mass devices, more complex IoT and telematics projects, especially in developed countries, require advanced functionality and higher reliability, which is best delivered by higher-class hardware.

Stay tuned!

That was a helicopter view on the top 10 GPS hardware manufacturers whose device grew the most on the flespi platform. In the weeks that follow we will be publishing more detailed articles about each of the ten manufacturers above, highlighting their top device models on our platform, their technical specs, distinctive features, and suitable areas of application. On top of that, we will share comments from our hardware experts, look at some hands-on examples, and provide other useful stuff for telematics professionals.

See you soon.