This protocol is used by Shenzhen Concox GPS tracking devices

It is possible to configure Jimi Software/Concox devices OTA using flespi web-based configurator tool. In order to connect Concox to Wialon or other platform via flespi please read this article.

Below is the list of parameters that can appear in the messages received by the channel via concox protocol. In most parameters, the name consists of tags split by dots: tag1.tag2.tag3.tag4... Each tag defines a certain area of an application, e.g. any parameter that contains mileage data has the 'mileage' tag in the name and any parameter related to fuel control contains the 'fuel' tag. By default JSON fields of the message received by a channel via this protocol can only contain the below-specified parameters. Any additional parameter will be prefixed by the "custom" tag, e.g. "custom.unspecified-name".

Name Type Unit Description
abnormal.alram boolean Abnormal alarm
airplane.mode.alarm boolean Airplane mode enabled alarm event
alarm.button.pressed.event boolean Button to upload alarm message to the platform was pressed
alarm.event boolean Alarm event triggered
alternating.current.high boolean AC current is high boolean Automatic cruise
battery.charging.status boolean Battery charging status
battery.fault.status boolean Battery fault status
battery.level number percentage Internal battery level
battery.low.alarm boolean Battery low alarm event
battery.low.status boolean Battery low status
battery.temperature number celsius Battery temperature
battery.voltage number volts Internal battery voltage
boot.reason number Boot reason
brake.handle.fault.status boolean Brake handle fault status
braking.status boolean Braking status
can.average.speed number km/h Vehicle average speed, read from CAN
can.brake.pedal.status boolean Footbrake pedal is depressed status, read from CAN
can.central.lock.status boolean CAN central lock is locked
can.driver.door.status boolean CAN driver door is opened
can.engine.ignition.status boolean CAN engine ignition status
can.engine.rpm number rpm Engine RPM read from CAN
can.engine.status boolean Engine is ON status, read from CAN
can.fuel.consumption.distance number liters/100km Fuel consumption read from CAN
can.fuel.volume number liters CAN fuel volume
can.handbrake.status boolean CAN handbrake is pulled up
can.hood.status boolean CAN hood is opened
can.left.front.tyre.pressure.status boolean Left front tyre pressure is normal
can.left.rear.tyre.pressure.status boolean Left rear tyre pressure is normal
can.left.turn.light.status boolean Left turn light is ON status, read from CAN
can.passenger.door.status boolean CAN passenger door is opened
can.rear.left.door.status boolean CAN rear left door is opened
can.rear.right.door.status boolean CAN rear right door is opened
can.right.front.tyre.pressure.status boolean Right front tyre pressure is normal
can.right.rear.tyre.pressure.status boolean Right rear tyre pressure is normal
can.right.turn.light.status boolean Right turn light is ON status, read from CAN
can.small.light.status boolean Small light is ON status, read from CAN
can.trunk.status boolean CAN trunk is opened
can.vehicle.mileage number km Total vehicle mileage read from CAN number ID of channel that received a message
charging.status boolean Charging status
controller.fault.status boolean controller fault status boolean Open cover alarm event
crash.event boolean Crash event detected
cruise.control.status boolean Cruise control status
dashboard.controller.fault.status boolean Dashboard controller fault status boolean Defense activated status number ID of device that received a message string Name of device that received a message number ID of device type of device that received a message
din number Digital inputs bitmask
disassemble.alarm boolean Disassemble alarm event
displacement.alarm boolean Displacement alarm event
door.alarm boolean Door alarm event boolean Door open status
driver.message string Driver text message content
engine.blocked.status boolean Engine blocked status, true - engine is blocked, false - engine isn't blocked
engine.ignition.status boolean Engine ignition status
event.enum number Event code, full list of codes available at separate table
event.seqnum number Unique event sequence number
external.battery.low.alarm boolean External battery low alarm event boolean External battery low protection alarm event
external.powersource.voltage number volts External power voltage
fall.alarm boolean Fall alarm event
file.md5 number MD5 summ of auploaded image returted by image server
file.timestamp number Timestamp of file creation
file.type.enum number Uploaded file type: 1 - photo, 2 - video
file.upload.status boolean Image upload result: true - success, false - failure number Geofence ID
geofence.status boolean Geofence entered status
gnss.first.fix.event boolean GNSS first fix event
gnss.realtime.status boolean True - GNSS realtime positioning, False - differential positioning
gnss.satellites number Number of GNSS satellites
gnss.signal.status boolean True - GNSS signal is present, False - GNSS signal is lost
gnss.status boolean GNSS receiver on/off status
gps.rollover.timestamp number seconds Received timestamp. Message timestamp calculated by shifting this value forward for 1024 weeks to solve GPS Rollover problem.
gsm.cellid number GSM base station ID
gsm.lac number GSM location area code
gsm.mcc string GSM mobile country code
gsm.mnc string GSM mobile network code
gsm.signal.dbm number dbm Strength of GSM signal
gsm.signal.level number percentage GSM signal strength level
gsm.sim.iccid string Integrated Circuit Card Id of SIM card
gsm.sim.imsi string IMSI of SIM card
gsm.timing.advance number GSM timing advance
harsh.acceleration.event boolean Harsh acceleration detected
harsh.braking.event boolean Harsh braking detected
harsh.cornering.event boolean Harsh cornering detected
harsh.turn.left.event boolean Harsh left turn detected
harsh.turn.right.event boolean Harsh right turn detected
headlight.status boolean Headlights status
ident string Device unique identificator and optional password
internal.battery.low.alarm boolean Internal battery low alarm event
iot.module.fault.status boolean IOT module fault status
language.enum string Language enum
light.status boolean Light status
lock.status boolean Lock status
message.buffered.status boolean Black box message
mileage number km Mileage
motor.fault.status boolean Motor fault status
motor.status boolean Motor status: false - idle, true - power output
oil.electric.connection.status boolean Oil and electricity connection status
operating.mode.enum number Operating mode
overspeeding.event boolean Overspeeding detected
payload.hex string HEX Payload received from device
payload.text string Text Payload received from device
peer string IP:port from which device connecting to the channel
position.altitude number meters Altitude value for position
position.direction number degrees Heading angle at position detection moment
position.hdop number Horizontal dilution of precision
position.latitude number degrees Latitude coordinate value
position.longitude number degrees Longitude coordinate value
position.satellites number Quantity of satellites used to calculate coordinates for given position information
position.speed number km/h Instant speed at position detection moment
position.timestamp number seconds Timestamp when coordinates where calculated
position.valid boolean Is position information accurate and valid for given timestamp
power.cut.alarm boolean External power cut-off alarm event
power.status boolean True - power is ON, False - power is OFF number ID of protocol
protocol.number number Protocol number
pseudo.base.station.alarm boolean Pseudo base station alarm event
pull.alarm boolean Pull alarm event
rear.light.enum number Rear light state: 0 - off, 1 - solid, 2 - blink, 3 - breathing
remaining.range number Remaining range
rfid.code string Hexadecimal code of connected RFID
rtc.timestamp number seconds RTC timestamp
server.timestamp number seconds Timestamp when server received a message
shutdown.alarm boolean Shutdown alarm event
sim.change.event boolean SIM card is changed event
sleep.mode.alarm boolean Sleep mode alarm event
sound.control.alarm boolean Sound control alarm event
taillight.state.enum number Taillight state: 0 - off, 1 - taillight, 2 - brake light
tamper.alarm boolean Tamper alarm event
tamper.button.status boolean Tamper button status, false - installed, true - removed
throttle.handle.fault.status boolean Throttle handle fault status
throttle.status boolean Throttle status
timestamp number seconds Message timestamp
total.mileage number km Total mileage
trip.mileage number km Distance driven since engine start
trip.start.latitude number degrees Trip start latitude coordinate value
trip.start.longitude number degrees Trip start longitude coordinate value
trip.start.timestamp number seconds Timestamp value upon trip start
trip.stop.latitude number degrees Trip stop latitude coordinate value
trip.stop.longitude number degrees Trip stop longitude coordinate value
trip.stop.timestamp number seconds Timestamp value upon trip end
unlock.abnormal.alarm boolean Abnormal unlocking alarm event
unlock.failure.alarm boolean Unlocking failure alarm event
vehicle.mileage number km Total calculated mileage
vibration.alarm boolean Vibration alarm event
visible.satellites number Number of visible satellites
voltage.fault.status boolean Voltage fault status
wifi.mac.address string WiFi MAC address
wifi.signal.strength number dbm WiFi signal strength

Below is the list of commands that can be sent to devices to change their configuration or to send signals to various outputs. When sending a command you can specify the transport type defining how the command will be delivered - the address parameter can take values connection (via network connection once the device goes online), sms (via SMS message), push (via PUSH notification). A comprehensive format of each command with all possible parameter values, parameter types, default values, etc. can be found in the REST API documentation in your account.

Title Name Description Properties
Custom Command custom Send custom command to device payload: Command payload
Cut OFF petrol