This protocol is used by all Ruptela GPS tracking devices. Please also read our guide on how-to connect Ruptela device to flespi in few mouse clicks.

Below is the list of parameters that can appear in the messages received by the channel via ruptela protocol. In most parameters, the name consists of tags split by dots: tag1.tag2.tag3.tag4... Each tag defines a certain area of an application, e.g. any parameter that contains mileage data has the 'mileage' tag in the name and any parameter related to fuel control contains the 'fuel' tag. By default JSON fields of the message received by a channel via this protocol can only contain the below-specified parameters. Any additional parameter will be prefixed by the "custom" tag, e.g. "custom.unspecified-name".

Name Type Unit Description
accident.din number Accident digital input state
accident.extreme.braking.status boolean Accident extreme braking state
accident.harsh.acceleration.status boolean Accident harsh acceleration state
accident.harsh.breaking.status boolean Accident harsh braking state
accident.overspeeding.status boolean Accident overspeeding state
ain number volts Voltage on the analog input
alarm.panic.status boolean Panic state
a.sensor.fuel.temperature number celsius Digital Fuel Sensor A fuel temperature
battery.current number amperes Battery current
battery.voltage number volts Internal battery voltage
b.sensor.fuel.level number percentage Digital Fuel Sensor B fuel level
b.sensor.fuel.temperature number celsius Digital Fuel Sensor B fuel temperature
can.ambient.air.temperature number celsius CAN ambient air temperature
can.a.sensor.fuel.level number percentage CAN A digital sensor fuel level
can.axle.weight number kg Weight on the axle read from CAN
can.brake.pedal.level number percentage Brake pedal push level read from CAN boolean CAN cruise control is active number CAN diagnostics supported bitmask number Diagnostic Trouble Code and Malfunction Indicator Lamp bitmask read from CAN
can.diesel.exhaust.fluid.level number percentage Aftertreatment diesel exhaust fluid level read from CAN
can.driver.door.status boolean CAN driver door is opened
can.dtc string Diagnostic trouble code read from CAN
can.dtc.indication.lights number DTC indication lights read from CAN
can.engine.coolant.temperature number celsius Engine coolant temperature read from CAN
can.engine.fuel.rate number liters/hours Engine fuel rate read from CAN
can.engine.ignition.status boolean CAN engine ignition status
can.engine.load.level number percentage Calculated engine load level read from CAN
can.engine.motorhours number hours Total engine motorhours read from CAN
can.engine.rpm number rpm Engine RPM read from CAN number seconds Run time since engine start read from CAN
can.engine.temperature number celsius Engine temperature read from CAN number CAN first driver ID
can.fms.axle.location.enum number CAN axle location according FMS standard number CAN FMS software version supported bitmask
can.fms.tyre.location.enum number CAN tire location according FMS standard
can.fuel.consumed number liters Fuel volume totally consumed by vehicle read from CAN
can.fuel.consumption.distance number liters/100km Fuel consumption read from CAN
can.fuel.economy number km/liters CAN instantaneous fuel economy
can.fuel.level number percentage Fuel level in tank read from CAN
can.fuel.type.enum number Fuel type read from CAN
can.fuel.volume number liters CAN fuel volume
can.gross.combination.vehicle.weight number kg Gross combination vehicle weight read from CAN
can.handbrake.status boolean CAN handbrake is pulled up
can.hood.status boolean CAN hood is opened
can.j1939.cargo.weight number kg CAN J1939 cargo weight
can.j1939.trailer.weight number kg CAN J1939 trailer weight
can.maintenance.before.mileage number km Mileage before next maintenance read from CAN
can.manufacturer.enum number Manufacturer code read from CAN number km Distance traveled while malfunction indicator lamp is activated, read from CAN
can.movement.status boolean CAN tacho vehicle motion number CAN at least one PTO engaged
can.passenger.door.status boolean CAN passenger door is opened
can.pedal.brake.status boolean CAN brake pedal pressed
can.pedal.clutch.status boolean CAN clutch pedal pressed
can.powersource.takeoff.enum number CAN power takeoff bitmask
can.rear.left.door.status boolean CAN rear left door is opened
can.rear.right.door.status boolean CAN rear right door is opened number CAN requests supported bitmask
can.retarder.torque.mode number Retarder torque mode read from CAN number CAN second driver ID
can.secondary.fuel.level number percentage CAN engine fuel level secondary
can.system.event.enum number CAN system event enum
can.tacho.driver.activity.enum number CAN tacho driver activity state
can.tacho.driver.card.enum number CAN tacho driver card status enum
can.tacho.driver.time.enum number CAN tacho driver 1 time related status boolean CAN tacho handling information
can.tacho.overspeeding.event boolean CAN tacho vehicle overspeed
can.tacho.performance.enum number CAN tachograph performance
can.tacho.position.speed number km/h CAN tachograph vehicle speed
can.tacho.reverse.movement.status boolean CAN tacho direction indicator
can.throttle.pedal.level number percentage Throttle pedal push level read from CAN
can.trunk.status boolean CAN trunk is opened
can.vehicle.mileage number km Total vehicle mileage read from CAN
can.vehicle.speed number km/h Vehicle speed read from CAN string Vehicle VIN read from CAN
can.wheel.speed number km/h Vehicle wheel based speed, read from CAN number ID of channel that received a message
config.engine.ignition.status boolean Custom configured engine ignition status
counter.din.hours number hours Digital input hour counter
counter.fuel.value number Fuel counter
crash.impact.acceleration number g Crash impact acceleration
crash.impact.direction number degrees Crash impact direction
c.sensor.fuel.level number percentage Digital Fuel Sensor C fuel level
c.sensor.fuel.temperature number celsius Digital Fuel Sensor C fuel temperature number Configuration profile index number ID of device that received a message string Name of device that received a message
device.temperature number celsius Temperature of device number ID of device type of device that received a message
device.uptime number seconds Tine in seconds since last device power on
din number Digital inputs bitmask
dout number Digital outputs bitmask
dtc.latitude number degrees Latitude of diagnostic trouble code
dtc.longitude number degrees Longitude of diagnostic trouble code
dtc.source number Source of diagnostic trouble code: 0xFF - OBD, 0x1 - CAN j1939, 0x02 - CAN j1708
dtc.status number Status of diagnostic trouble code: 1 - current, 2 - historical
dtc.timestamp number seconds Timestamp of diagnostic trouble code number ID of event that caused record generation
external.powersource.voltage number volts External power voltage
extnav.position.altitude number meters Altitude value for external receiver position
garmin.payload.hex string Garmin payload in hex
garmin.status boolean Garmin FMI module status number Geofence ID
geofence.status boolean Geofence entered status
gnss.antenna.status boolean GNSS receiver antenna status
gprs.status boolean GPRS mobile network status
gsm.jamming.event boolean GSM signal jamming detected
gsm.mnc string GSM mobile network code
gsm.signal.dbm number dbm Strength of GSM signal
gsm.troublecode.bitmask number GSM trouble codes
ibutton.code string Hexadecimal code of connected iButton
ident string Device unique identificator and optional password
idle.status boolean Vehicle is in idling state
idle.status.duration number seconds Duration of vehicle being in the last idling state
iqfreeze.ain number volts iQFreeze voltage on the analog input
iqfreeze.ain.error number iQFreeze analog input error
iqfreeze.ambient.air.temperature number celsius Ambient air temperature reported by iQFreeze
iqfreeze.battery.voltage number volts Battery volrage reported by iQFreeze
iqfreeze.cycle.mode number Compressor's engine operational mode of corresponding compartment reported by iQFreeze
iqfreeze.din number iQFreeze digital inputs
iqfreeze.door.status boolean Status of the main door of corresponding compartment reported by iQFreeze; false - closed, true - open
iqfreeze.electric.hours number hours Total electric hours reported by iQFreeze
iqfreeze.engine.coolant.temperature number celsius Engine coolant temperature reported by iQFreeze
iqfreeze.engine.hours number hours Total diesel hours reported by iQFreeze
iqfreeze.engine.rpm number rpm RPM of the compressor's engine reported by iQFreeze
iqfreeze.error number iQFreeze error number
iqfreeze.errors.number number Number of active alarms at the present moment reported by iQFreeze
iqfreeze.operating.mode number System operating mode (heating, cooling, defrosting, etc) of corresponding compartment reported by iQFreeze
iqfreeze.refrigerator.enum number iQFreeze refrigerator type: 1 - Thermoking, 2 - Carier Supra\Maxima, 3 - Zanotti, 4 - Thermal Master, 5 - Carrier Vector (except 1350), 6 - Mitsubishi, 7 - Carrier Vector 1350, 8 - Thermoking TGVI, 9 - Carrier Xarios
iqfreeze.setpoint number celsius iQFreeze cargo required temperature (setpoint) in corresponding compartment
iqfreeze.temperature number celsius iQFreeze temperature value in corresponding compartment
iqfreeze.timestamp number seconds iQFreeze last record UTC timestamp
iqfreeze.vehicle.hours number hours Total engine hours reported by iQFreeze
magnetic.card.code string Magnetic Card ID code
max.x.acceleration number g Harsh acceleration event max accelerometer value on X-axis
max.y.acceleration number g Harsh acceleration event max accelerometer value on Y-axis
max.z.acceleration number g Harsh acceleration event max accelerometer value on Z-axis
movement.status boolean Current movement state
ot.din number OT digital input value
passenger.ibutton.code string iButton code of passenger
pcb.temperature number celsius PCB temperature
peer string IP:port from which device connecting to the channel number Phone call status
position.altitude number meters Altitude value for position
position.direction number degrees Heading angle at position detection moment
position.hdop number Horizontal dilution of precision
position.latitude number degrees Latitude coordinate value
position.longitude number degrees Longitude coordinate value
position.satellites number Quantity of satellites used to calculate coordinates for given position information
position.speed number km/h Instant speed at position detection moment
private.status boolean Device is in private mode number ID of protocol boolean Refrigerator door open status
refrigerator.engine.mode.enum string Refrigerator engine mode - diesel, electric
refrigerator.high.speed.status boolean Fridge high speed status
refrigerator.operate.mode.enum string Refrigerator operating mode - cycle sentry, continuous
rfid.code string Hexadecimal code of connected RFID
rollover.alarm.status boolean Roll over alarm state
sdcard.log.enum number SD card log id
sdcard.log.marker.value number SD Log record Marker
security.event.enum number Security information ID number The number of harsh acceleration events during the last segment
segment.ain.voltage number volts Voltage difference between current and earlier obtained voltage reference number The number of braking events during the last segment
segment.can.fuel.consumed number liters Fuel volume consumed by vehicle on the last segment using CAN data number The number of cornering events during the last segment number km Distance travelled under cruise control during the last segment number liters Fuel used under cruise control during the last segment
segment.engine.on.time number seconds Time when engine was on during the last segment
segment.engine.overload.distance number km Distance travelled with overloaded engine during the last segment
segment.engine.overload.fuel.used number liters Fuel used while engine was overloaded during the last segment number The number of extreme braking events during the last segment number km Free rolling distance during the last segment
segment.fuel.idle.used number liters Fuel used while idling during the last segment number The number of harsh braking events during the last segment
segment.highest.gear.distance number km Distance travelled on highest gear during the last segment
segment.highest.gear.fuel.used number liters Fuel used when travelling on highest gear during the last segment
segment.max.acceleration number g Maximum acceleration value that occured on the segment
segment.max.angular.acceleration.deg_sec2 number deg/sec^2 Maximum angular acceleration value that occured on the segment
segment.max.braking.acceleration number g Maximum braking acceleration value that occured on the segment
segment.max.engine.rpm number rpm Maximum engine RPM on segment
segment.max.speed number km/h Maximum speed on the segment
segment.normal.speed.distance number km Mileage of the segment when vehicle had normal speed
segment.overspeeding.distance number km Distance travelled with overspeeding during the last segment
segment.overspeeding.fuel.used number liters Fuel used with overspeeding during the last segment
segment.overspeeding.time number seconds Time when speed was above limit during the last segment number seconds Time when RPM was optimal during the last segment
segment.rpm.range.distance number km Distance travelled with RPM within the specified range during the last segment
segment.rpm.range.fuel.used number liters Fuel used when RPM was within the specified range during the last segment during the last segment number seconds Time when RPM was not optimal during the last segment number km Distance travelled when RPM was not optimal during the last segment
segment.vehicle.mileage number km Segment mileage string Sensor ID
sensor.temperature number celsius Temperature sensor value
sensor.temperature.error number Temperature sensor error code
server.timestamp number seconds Timestamp when server received a message
shock.duration number milliseconds Duration of shock
sleep.timer.wakeup.status boolean Device wake-up by timer event
tacho.card.reader.status boolean Tacho card reader state
tacho.driver.continuous_driving.duration number seconds Driver continuous driving time
tacho.driver.cumulative_break.duration number seconds Driver cumulative break time
tacho.driver.cumulative_driving.duration number seconds Driver cumulative driving time
tacho.driver.current.activity.duration number seconds Current driver activity duration
tacho.driver.time.enum number Driver time states
tacho.engine.rpm number rpm Engine RPM reported by tacho
tacho.first.driver.card.status boolean Tacho card of first driver presence number First driver ID
tacho.fms.first.driver.status.enum number First driver state number Second driver ID
tacho.fms.secondary.driver.status.enum number Second driver state
tacho.position.speed number km/h Instant speed reported by tacho
tacho.registration.code string Tacho registration number
tacho.second.driver.card.status boolean Tacho card of second driver presence
tacho.trip.mileage number km Trip mileage calculated by tacho
tacho.vehicle.mileage number km Total mileage calculated by tacho
timestamp number seconds Message timestamp
total.idle.seconds number seconds Total time that vehicle was in idling state
towing.alarm.status boolean Towing alarm state
trailer.braking.wheel.speed number km/h Trailers Braking system wheel–based vehicle speed
trailer.lateral.acceleration number m/s^2 Trailers Lateral acceleration
trailer.main.axle.wheel.diff.speed number km/h Trailers Wheel speed difference main axle
trailer.state.bitmask number Trailer status string Trailer VIN
trip.state.enum number Trip status
tyre.pressure.bitmask number Tire Pressure Measurement System message
ubi.process.status boolean UBI data saving is in process
umts.enabled boolean UMTS enabled
vehicle.mileage number km Total calculated mileage string VIN of vehicle
virtual.engine.ignition.status boolean Virtual engine ignition status
wireless.enabled boolean Wireless enabled
wireless.pair.status boolean Wireless Pair
x.acceleration number g Accelerometer value X
x.axis.angle number degrees X-axis angle to horizon
y.acceleration number g Accelerometer value Y
y.axis.angle number degrees Y-axis angle to horizon
z.acceleration number g Accelerometer value Z
z.axis.angle number degrees Z-axis angle to horizon

Below is the list of commands that can be sent to devices to change their configuration or to send signals to various outputs. When sending a command you can specify the transport type defining how the command will be delivered - the address parameter can take values connection (via network connection once the device goes online), sms (via SMS message), push (via PUSH notification). A comprehensive format of each command with all possible parameter values, parameter types, default values, etc. can be found in the REST API documentation in your account.

Title Name Description Properties
Custom Command custom Send SMS command Over GPRS or SMS command: Command

sms_password: SMS Password
Set output 1 to OFF, output 2 leave unchanged, and output 3 to ON
{"command":"setio 0,2,1","sms_password":"pass"}
Request DTC dtc_codes Request Diagnostic Trouble Codes from Device
Garmin Data garmin_data Send Data to Germin Device payload: Hex data to send to Garmin device
Garmin Status garmin_status Get Status of Garmin Device