26 January, 2023

Top Topflytech GPS trackers on the flespi platform

What models of Topflytech devices were the most popular on flespi and what is special about them?

As we promised a few weeks ago in our post about Top 10 GPS hardware manufacturers on flespi in 2022, we are going to share more in-depth information about the top brands, specific models, observed trends, etc. 

We decided to put Topflytech in the spotlight first. The company is known worldwide for its high-quality vehicle and asset trackers that have quite a bit of distinctive features compared to the competition.

In addition, Topflytech showed the highest relative growth on the flespi platform in 2022 — the number of devices grew from mere hundreds to 6,000+. The most popular models — TLW2-12B and TLP1-SF — grew by 4,000+ and 1000+ respectively.

First, let’s look at the most popular models flespi clients picked and then analyze their characteristics and common uses.


top 5 topflytech GPS tracker models on flespi

The top 5 Topflytech models by the number of connections to the flespi platform are:

  1. Topflytech TLW2-12B hardwired trailer GPS tracker

  2. Topflytech TLP1-SF solar-powered asset/trailer/truck GPS Tracker

  3. Topflytech TLW2-12BL hardwired vehicle GPS tracker

  4. Topflytech TLP1-SM solar-powered asset GPS tracker 

  5. Topflytech TLP2-SFB solar-powered asset GPS tracker

Let’s now look at these models’ specifications and try to understand what they are valued for.

Notable features

  • All five models support 4G/LTE connectivity — apparently this is becoming a de-facto standard and most customers willing to futureproof their operations stick to the high-speed devices. Aparently, in some countries this is a forced step since some national cellular regulators simply get rid of 2G network support.

  • Three trackers in the list are solar-powered, which means that they can be used autonomously and in remote locations for extended periods of time. Such devices are perfectly suitable for asset monitoring (e.g. containers) or trailer tracking.

  • Four trackers have a large internal battery (4800 mAh or 9600 mAh) — this is clearly a must-have for asset trackers and one of their key competitive features. Accompanying powerful batteries by solar panels makes Topflytech devices even more long lasting and suitable for use cases critical to battery life.

  • Three models feature a Bluetooth 5.0 support, which indicated the trend for easier communication with sensors and periferals, e.g. temperature and humidity sensors, door sensors, wireless relays, etc. Basic location data is not enough anymore and BLE extends the scope of accessories that can complement the essential data from the tracker with more specific metrics. 

  • Four devices have a rugged IP67/IP68 compliant enclosure (and one has IP65). Such robustness and resistance to harsh conditions makes these trackers suitable for use in mines, quarries, construction sites, oil wells, and other locations where machinery, equipment, and assets operate outdoors and may be exposed to precipitation, dust, and other unfavorable factors. 

Expert opinion

We asked Vladimir Tihonchuk, a hardware specialist in Gurtam, to share his experience with the Topflytech devices and his perception of the brand dynamics:

“My first experience with Topflytech GPS trackers happened around four years ago -these were  T88XX devices. At that moment I didn’t see any significant difference from dozens of other Chinese hardware manufacturers — they did have decent circuitry and pretty clear configuration commands. However, they showed reliable operation during testing. 

In my opinion, it all started changing about three years ago when Topflytech introduced a new series of autonomous GPS trackers with BLE beacons support as well as classic AVL models with RS232 and BLE.

Now I recommend Topflytech devices to all partners seeking autonomous GPS trackers (unless they need satellite communication capabilities). The hardware is good in terms of electronic components used and the technical support is responsive so any arising issues are solved really quickly.”


Topflytech GPS trackers have proven their exceptional consumer characteristics in a variety of domains — long-haul shipping, cold chain, asset monitoring, trailer tracking, environment monitoring, and others — always meeting and often exceeding industry standards in many aspects. 

It’s clear from the overview above that Topflytech has strong positions in asset tracking as their devices are well-suited for long-term outdoor use — IP-rating, powerful battery, and solar module give them great autonomy and robustness. On the connectivity side we may notice the focus on the most widespread 4G/LTE for data transmission that is sufficient for most applications, while Bluetooth 5.0 support helps pair various accessories to the main device and collect extra data, react to detected event, and adapt device configuration.

So, if you are in search of a reliable autonomous GPS tracker - be sure to check the Topflytech offering.