Topflytech TLW2-12B

Topflytech TLW2-12B is a hardwired trailer tracker with a large internal battery and BLE 5.0. The device features driving behavior detection, BLE 5.0 for sensors, IP67 waterproof casing, movement alerts, disconnection alerts, 9600 mAh backup battery, 3 digital outputs, 3 configurable inputs, and more.

Protocol: topflytech Manufacturer: Topflytech Forum discussion
Detect ACC
If this device can't get the right ACC signal from car, you can set it to TRUE, and device will use virbation and voltage as ACC ON and ACC OFF detection
acc_vibr: Use vibration and voltage as ACC
Backend Server Setup
Main server parameters where the monitoring data will be transmitted to
host: Host
port: Port
Secondary Backend Server Setup
Secondary server parameters where the monitoring data will be transmitted to
host: Host
port: Port
Communication Mode Setup
Setup Communication mode: TCP/UDP
report_mode: Report mode
Setup Heartbeat Interval
hbt_interval: Heartbeat interval
Set the device odometer value
odometer: Odometer value
GSM Network Setup
Access point settings for SIM card
apn: APN
password: APN Password
username: APN Username
Reboot the device
Switch the relay
After device get the command, it will check whether GPS fixed and the speed is lower than 20km/h then relay will be switched immidately, otherwise it will hold the command until, conditions met
switch_relay: Switch
Setup Report Workmode
Setup report sending options: timing and angle/distance compensation
angle: Angle
distance: Distance
acc_on_period: ACC ON period
acc_off_period: ACC OFF period
Custom command
Send custom command to device
name: Command name in capital letters
payload: Command data ending with #
Get device IP2 setting
Setup communication mode to UDP
Set APN with username and password