Suntech ST410

Suntech ST410 (i.e: the “Box Tracker”) is a tracking “device” to recover expensive merchandises which are packed mainly with cartoon boxes and might be stolen while those merchandises are being transported from the packing site to the destination(s). The ST410 transmits GSM information to its server and transmits its device ID (Identification number) and information of GSM Cell ID via RF signal (434 MHz).

Protocol: suntech Manufacturer: Suntech Forum discussion
GSM Network Setup
Access point settings, backend server, PIN
auth: Auth
host: Host
port: Port
pin_num: PIN number to release pin lock
sms_num: Phone number for SMS reports
host_backup: Secondary host
port_backup: Secondary port
Request Status
Requesting status of the device
Custom command
Send custom command to device
payload: Text data to send
Request the device of family ST300 and ident 100850000 to report parameters setting values and current device status