How to gracefully terminate usage of the commercial flespi account?

Steps to follow should you decide to stop using flespi for business purposes.

To put it short, the steps should be as follows:

  1. Pay the debts.

  2. Request downgrade.

  3. Get downgraded.

Pay the debts

Please pay all outstanding debts for the previous periods. If you decide to downgrade in the middle of the month, please wait until the end of the month, pay for it, and only then request a downgrade.

Request downgrade

Please request a downgrade in Helpbox within the first five (5) days of the month following the last paid month. This seems fair since we are not going to charge you for these few days. 

Get downgraded

Once we get your downgrade request, we will switch your account to the Free plan and you can continue using flespi for testing and development purposes. 

Note that all items exceeding the Free limits will be blocked.


With any questions please approach us in Helpbox.

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