How to upgrade flespi to commercial account?

Once testing is done and your intentions become serious, follow this guide to upgrade your flespi account.
  1. Open the flespi panel and log in to your Free account.

  2. Click the red Upgrade button at the top of the dashboard screen:
    flespi panel upgrade to commercial

  3. Thoroughly fill in the information about your legal entity (company) and tell us how you will use flespi (we want to be sure flespi is a good fit):
    flespi upgrade to commercial form

  4. Once you submit the form, we will verify the provided details.

  5. If everything is correct, we issue a payment link valid for three business days. If you fail to pay it within this time frame, you can ask us to re-issue it. If you changed your mind, it’s OK, no offense.

  6. Once you pay the invoice, your account will upgrade to Commerical limits automatically.

  7. Now the extended capabilities of flespi are at your service. Enjoy!

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