Test all available REST API methods, generate curl requests, preview affected items, learn about deprecated methods, and more. More details and screenshots in a dedicated article.

Start exploring the flespi REST API now. Run flespi.io/docs/


Just a few mouse clicks to form the request and you see the result in an instant.


Tied to your flespi account via token, API Box allows to directly communicate with all the items in your account.


For potentially risky requests (PUT, POST, DELETE) that can accidentally cause "harm" API Box allows to preview the list of affected items to make sure nothing unwanted happens.


The new interface and usability are well thought-out to make your experience highly productive.

Testing REST API with pleasure

  • Pick the flespi entity to manage, select the proper API request, configure it, and view the result.

  • Create new items, configure the necessary fields, copy the JSON schema, get the curl, etc.

Start exploring the flespi REST API with flespi.io/docs/.