3 October, 2019

flespi use cases from TelematiX [Video]

Presentations and discussions on telematics development with flespi from practitioners.

A few months ago the traditional Gurtam partner conference took place for the tenth consecutive year resulting in the biggest gathering of the Gurtam community ever. As a proud member of the Gurtam family of products, flespi got a dedicated section for presentations and discussions related to its best practices, use cases, and development. We present an overview of the key talks at this event as well as the video recordings of these talks.

Panel discussion — development with flespi 

The discussion featuring Gregory Lee (Borderless Hub, Singapore), Walney Seixas (ReadyMix Tracking, Brazil), Sameer Obeid (Traklink, Jordan), and moderated by Anton Kulichenko (flespi team) raised a number of questions related to the actual usage and experience of creating telematics solutions based on the flespi platform — concerns when relying on a relatively new product, remarks on hardware integration, comments on the pricing model, projects architecture, and more.

Using Wialon with flespi IoT middleware

In this presentation Gregory Lee (Borderless Hub, Singapore) tells about their company’s experience in building an IoT solution based on flespi. In particular, Greg shares how they use flespi for device management, why they needed to introduce additional restrictions for the subaccounts, how they use streams to forward only the relevant data to specific destinations, how Toolbox can help in troubleshooting, how they use BLE tags in places where GPS signal cannot get, Overall, Gregory explains how they collect the data from a BLE reader, a BLE asset tracker, a BLE lock, etc. to create a sophisticated IoT-enabled fleet management solution for the retail industry.

The solution for concrete mixer trucks

Walney Seixas from ReadyMix Tracking company and Romiyoshi Sasaki (his customer, the owner of three concrete plants and 200 concrete mixers) tell an exciting story of how a properly designed tracking solution customized for the concrete industry saved Romiyoshi’s business $1mln in one year. 

You can also read some technical details about the project in our case study here.

TAMsens for fixed assets monitoring

Sameer Obeid from Traklink delivers an insightful presentation about a solution for remote sensors reading in fixed assets, its consequent analytics, reporting, and more. The project implies collecting readings from temperature and humidity sensors using the Tekelek trackers, parsing the data in flespi and making it available for processing, analysis, aggregated representation, and notifications in the web and mobile interfaces. The solution suits a variety of application areas including pharmaceuticals, oil&gas, greenhouses, datacenters, whatnot.


All the above talks are available on a special Youtube playlist.

If you are interested in more real-life examples of flespi-based solutions, you can find them in the Use cases section of our website.