28 June, 2024

Introducing Recycle Bin

Your data is safe: new feature offers a 30-day window to recover your valuables.

In the fast-paced world of IoT and telematics, mistakes happen. But what if you could turn back time on those accidental deletions? Well, we've got a game-changing feature for you: the Recycle Bin.

The safety net you need most 

Picture this: you’ve just spent hours fine-tuning a device configuration, only to accidentally hit delete. Panic sets in. But wait! Your deleted items aren’t gone—they’re just taking a 30-day vacation.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. 30-Day Grace Period: When you delete an item in your flespi account, it now takes a detour to the Recycle Bin. It’ll hang out there for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to have second thoughts.

  2. What Can You Restore? Almost everything!

    • Devices (complete with messages and media storage)
    • Channels (including messages and that precious URI)
    • Streams (with all their message history)
    • Plugins (because who wants to recreate those complex configurations?)
    • Calculators (your data crunching heroes)
    • Groups (keep your organization intact)
    • Modems (SMS gateways deserve second chances too)
    • Subaccounts (yes, even these come with their retained messages)
  3. Restoration Caveats: While our Recycle Bin is powerful, it’s not omnipotent. Restoration might fail if:

    • A channel URI is already in use (early bird gets the worm!)
    • A device with the same ident already exists (no doppelgangers allowed)
    • Your account limits are maxed out (time to upgrade?)
  4. A Fresh Start with Old Data: Restoring an item is like creating a new one, but with a twist—it comes preloaded with its last-known configuration. It’s like time travel for your flespi items!

  5. Manual Reassignment Required: While we restore individual items, the connections between them (like device-to-calculator assignments) need to be manually recreated. Think of it as a chance to review and optimize your setup!

How to access your digital time machine

Ready to dive into the Recycle Bin? Just look for the Tools menu in the top-right corner of your flespi panel. Click it, and voila—you’re in the land of second chances.

The fine print

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The Recycle Bin is a safety net, not a storage solution. Items will still vanish after 30 days, so don’t procrastinate on those restorations!

Embrace the undo

Now you can work with confidence, knowing that a misclick won’t derail your entire project. It’s just another way we’re making your IoT and telematics journey smoother, more forgiving, and dare we say, more fun?

So go ahead, explore your account with newfound boldness. And if you accidentally delete something important? Just remember: in flespi, even deletions aren’t final anymore.

Happy (and worry-free) flespi-ing!

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