1 August, 2017

July 2017 change log

Major flespi improvements in July 2017
Disclaimer: flespi registry module merged with the gateway module to form the telematics hub between devices and platforms.

Some highlights regarding flespi platform development in July. Despite the fact that middle of summer is a good time for vacation, we have information to share with you. 

  • Gurtam held a great partner conference Telematics 2017 where Aliaksei Shchurko and Jan Bartnitsky presented the flespi platform to the Wialon integrators community. Jan illustrated how to connect WiaTag through flespi to any telematics platform by using our new Registry system and streaming telemetry via Wialon IPS. Archive of the live video stream can be found here.
  • We detected 2 platform downtimes on July 29 at 1 pm UTC: one 39 and the other 59 seconds long, both due to network connectivity problems. This resulted in a monthly uptime of 99.995%, which exceeded the very high mark of four nines. This is a really cool number with zero detected downtime during software updates installation due to automatic highly efficient platform administration system.
  • We opened to the public Registry API and updated our flespi.io panel with some functions to simplify channels, devices, and streams management. We position Registry API as a high-level API system for communication with telematics devices in contrast to Gateway API designed for low-level communication. More information about Registry module will follow soon, now you can explore the API or watch a video presentation.
  • We implemented the very first outgoing stream from flespi platform into 3rd party platforms — Wialon IPS stream. With this stream, it is possible to connect any device supported by flespi to other platforms that understand Wialon IPS communication protocol.
  • We updated flespi.com resource and now it reflects devices, protocols, and manufacturers you can use with flespi. After the third iteration, we finally created the standard name scheme for all parameters from incoming messages.
  • galileosky-1 protocol now supports remote outputs management, while queclink-1 and cellocator-1 protocols received significant improvements in the amounts of input data supported.
  • Our next large step is to continue developing the Registry module — implement more streams, support persistable device attributes, easy-to-use commands via SMS and GPRS, and, of course, integrate more and more devices.

Thank for being with us and have a productive month ahead!