5 April, 2021

March 2021 change log

Major flespi improvements in March 2021.

The very first spring month of 2021 left quite a controversial feel from the epidemic point of view. At first glance, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccination is gaining more and more momentum worldwide and already in the EU 12-18% of the population has received their first dose. But at the same time, the new covid-19 wave is spreading with cases growing like mushrooms after the rainfall. Right at the time when people are so tired from these restrictions and want to live their normal life. This will lead us to turbulent political situations and will inevitably affect the economic situation.

For telematics businesses, we see steady growth in demand each month starting from December 2020 after a shortfall in October-November which clearly reflects the general situation with covid-19. In our client base, there are quite a number of bike and scooter-sharing businesses and they are actively preparing for the season-opening.

Flespi finished Q1 of 2021 with uninterruptable 100% uptime in both the EU and Russia regions. This is a remarkable achievement that we are proud of. We will do our best to keep up operating at this highest level for the months to come.

  • One of the most significant features that appeared in March is direct communication between flespi and Ruhavik — a cool mobile application for GPS tracking, eco-driving, and versatile notifications. Ruhavik is a self-contained platform by itself. What the dedicated stream allows is to see devices registered in flespi directly in your Ruhavik account with all the available perks.
  • A lot of new features appeared in flespi.io GUI as well. Possibility to cleanup telemetry gathered by the device, device tracks visualization and export in various formats, visualization of message parameters available in protocols, and much more. Take a look at the detailed panel changelog for more information.
  • We also integrated a new istartek protocol and introduced a lot of updates to the existing protocols.
  • We replaced the expression engine inside the analytics module and device plugins system with a new implementation capable of operating not only with numbers but also with other simple types like booleans, strings, and nulls. The new implementation also got a set of new functions and operators to enhance its possibilities.
  • We changed the way we count API calls for all our users. We made it simpler and more beneficial — if a call affects multiple entities, it is now still counted as one call instead of multiplying it by the number of affected items as we did before. This will make it possible for our users to perform more API calls before hitting their limits.
  • We enhanced the logging functionality for MQTT Broker and now all subscription modifications and extended MQTT sessions information are reflected in the log for further analysis via toolbox.

In April we plan to release a few minor features and initiate several REST API modifications. For the latter, we will keep everybody interested informed via NOC and changelog on the forum as usual and provide enough time for our users to adapt their systems to the upcoming changes.

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