Navtelecom Signal S-2550

Navtelecom SIGNAL S-2550 is a simplified version of the SIGNAL S-2551 and is designed to solve simple tasks of vehicle monitoring. The device retained the ability to read data from the CAN bus of the vehicle using CANLog, and the ability to connect pulse, analog and digital (RS-232) fuel level sensors. The device also has a built-in battery.

Protocol: navtelecom Manufacturer: Navtelecom Forum discussion
Backend Server Setup
Main server parameters where the monitoring data will be transmitted to
addr: Server Address
port: Port
dc_id: Dispatch Center ID
obj_id: Object ID
SIM card network configuration
GPRS Connection configuration for the SIM card
name: APN Name
pass: Password
login: Login
Reboot the device.
Custom command
Send custom command to device
hex: Payload is encoded as HEX string
payload: Text or hex data to send
Request device IMEI for identification
Set output 1 to ON and output 2 to OFF
{"payload":"*!SETOUT 1Y,2N"}
Request version information from device
Set output line state
Set output line 1...4 state
line: Line number
state: Line state
Turn on line 1