How to send commands to devices connected to Wialon via flespi stream?

Manage tracking devices communicating with Wialon through flespi.

To start working with commands in Wialon, you should:

  1. Have a respective virtual device created in flespi for each Wialon unit (channel is not enough).
    flespi virtual device teltonika

  2. Have a stream pointing to Wialon that is subscribed to the device in question (not to the channel). The stream should have wialon_flespi_gateway type and point to port 21548 in Wialon (this is the port for flespi_gateway device type). flespi stream to wialon

  3. Paste a valid Master flespi token in the User Settings -> Security tab of your Wialon account:
    flespi token in wialon account

  4. In Wialon create a new unit with device type corresponding to your GPS tracker model and followed by the “(flespi)” text, e.g. “Teltonika TST100 (flespi)”.
    wialon hosting unit create
    Messages from the flespi stream will be registered in this unit. wialon unit messages

  5. In the unit settings in Wialon go to the Commands tab to create a new command. Find the needed command in the Command type list, uncheck the Without parameters option, and click the Configure button that appeared:
    create command in wialon
    A new configuration dialog for this command will open. Make the necessary changes: change setting in wialon setbox
    Then click OK button to save the new command and it will appear in the list: wialon unit commands list
    Use the command for any common Wialon routines (notifications, tasks, etc.).

See also
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