This protocol is used by Xirgo Technologies GPS tracking devices.

Below is the list of parameters that can appear in the messages received by the channel via xirgo protocol. In most parameters, the name consists of tags split by dots: tag1.tag2.tag3.tag4... Each tag defines a certain area of an application, e.g. any parameter that contains mileage data has the 'mileage' tag in the name and any parameter related to fuel control contains the 'fuel' tag. By default JSON fields of the message received by a channel via this protocol can only contain the below-specified parameters. Any additional parameter will be prefixed by the "custom" tag, e.g. "custom.unspecified-name".

Name Type Unit Description
absolute.acceleration number g Module of accelerometer vector
absolute.deceleration number g Module of deceleration value from accelerometer
ain number volts Voltage on the analog input
average.fuel.consumption number liters/100km Average fuel consumption
backup.battery.voltage number volts Backup battery voltage
battery.voltage number volts Internal battery voltage
din number Digital inputs
dout number Digital outputs
engine.coolant.level number percentage Engine coolant level
engine.coolant.pressure number Engine coolant pressure
engine.coolant.temperature number celsius Engine coolant temperature
engine.ignition.status boolean Engine ignition status
engine.motorhours number hours Total calculated engine motorhours
engine.oil.level number Engine oil level
engine.oil.pressure number Engine oil pressure
engine.oil.temperature number Engine oil temperature
engine.rpm number rpm Engine RPM reported by CAN
event.enum number Event code, full list of codes available at separate table
external.powersource.voltage number volts External power voltage
fuel.level number percentage Fuel level percentage
gps.state.enum number GPS state, 0 .. 5
gps.state.enum.description string GPS state description. 0: Not Locked , 1: Locked Good , 2: Communications Failure , 3: GPS Off (Power Saving) , 5: Locked
gsm.signal.level number percentage GSM signal strength level
ident string Device unique identificator and optional password
obd.dtc string OBD diagnostic trouble code
obd.engine.load.level number percentage Engine load level read from OBD
obd.engine.motorhours number hours Total engine motorhours read from OBD
obd.mil.status boolean Malfunction indicator lamp status read from OBD
position.altitude number meters Altitude value for position
position.direction number degrees Heading angle at position detection moment
position.fix.age number seconds Time since the last position fix
position.hdop number Horizontal dilution of precision
position.latitude number degrees Latitude coordinate value
position.longitude number degrees Longitude coordinate value
position.satellites number Quantity of satellites used to calculate coordinates for given position information
position.speed number km/h Instant speed at position detection moment
timestamp number seconds Message timestamp
trip.mileage number Miles driven since engine start
vehicle.vin string VIN of vehicle
x.acceleration number g Accelerometer value X
y.acceleration number g Accelerometer value Y
z.acceleration number g Accelerometer value Z