1 September, 2020

August 2020 change log

Major flespi improvements in August 2020.

Despite all border closures due to the epidemic situation and all economical and political circumstances, the flespi team finished August with 100% uptime for the third time in a row for both regions which resulted in 100% uptime for the whole summer. We are really proud of this result and are doing our best to keep up at the highest possible level

At the same time, 9 out of 10 members of our team are located in Belarus, and starting from August, 9 we’ve been having a kind of peaceful (so far) revolution process in the country that resulted in an unbelievable level of repressions from the government towards most of the active population, partial or complete internet shutdown in the country (we had 3 days of limited internet availability outside the country), and a lot of informational pressure. It’s hard to imagine but the level of torture towards thousands of people within the first three days after the election date was even higher than during World War II. We got modern fascism in a country that remembers the 1940s, where each fourth person was killed during this war. Unbelievable and very sad…

So just a short update on this. All members of the flespi team are safe so far. We have now at least one person on a constant basis located outside Belarus for an emergency case. If the situation does not normalize within a short period of time, we will relocate the whole team to Lithuania. As a consequence of all of the above, our productivity is now around 20-30% of the maximum, because it is hard to concentrate on the work when the history is passing nearby and nobody knows what will happen the next day. 

Nevertheless, we did some good things for the flespi platform in this tough and hectic August.

  • We integrated a new twig protocol into flespi and migrated most of the existing protocols to the new pvmII engine (only eight are waiting for their turn).

  • We added the last_active property to the device which can be used for tracking online status even for MQTT/HTTP and retranslated devices.

  • We migrated a special REST API component (mdbctl on the chart) of the flespi database to the totally new version which is a few times more efficient in terms of CPU and RAM. This is quite a complex job — the internal technology we created for this replaced component will soon be reused in other platform components.

  • For those who work with flespi analytics our Toolbox tool got a handful update — now it is possible to open device intervals directly from the calculator's toolbox.

  • Our flespi.io GUI received a so-called wayback feature — the possibility to restore configuration for all flespi entities that were changed in the last 30 days. This was always available via API, but now we decided to simplify this process and make it mouse-driven.

We are continuing our work process and will do our best in September. You can always contact us in HelpBox and have a live chat with our team for any questions. And you know what’s changed? Starting from August we do not say goodbye anymore. We say — see you soon!