1 February, 2022

January 2022 change log

Major flespi improvements in January 2022.

The beginning of 2022 in the world has been marked by the omicron invasion. But despite the exponentially growing number of covid cases, the impact on the business activity was minimal this time. At least in flespi, we haven’t noticed any feasible slowdown of growth.

However, Sergei Leuchanka, a VP of Business Development with flespi, who participated in the CES exhibition in Las Vegas at beginning of January, reported that the show was highly impacted by omicron with a lot of companies making decisions to skip the event just a week or two before it began. Some fully prepared booths with thousands of U.S. dollars invested into their construction were deserted and featured only small paper signs with company contact information.

Gurtam, by itself, took part in the exhibition and despite canceled meetings, there was quite a lot of business activity. I recommend you to read Sergei’s impressions about the event and his thoughts about the accelerating digitization trend.

In January 2022 flespi performed quite well:

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Now we are better prepared for such cases and protected from them.

Such cases move us further from a great five-nines yearly uptime but we are doing our best. And you know — only those who do nothing don't make mistakes. By the way, I recommend you read our story about five-nines recently published. A carefully chosen uplink provider, hardware providers, and self-engineered software are the most important ingredients of our high-uptime cake.

Another good read published in January is the plugins evolution article by Jan. Device plugins in 2022 are totally different from device plugins in 2021 and what we are seeing now is an omicron-rate growth of plugins popularity among our users. A plugin is a very efficient tool that brings you to the edge of telematics technology. Among the new plugin types that we released this month is item-telemetry — a plugin that pastes the last known value of a parameter from telemetry in place of a missing message parameter before the message is registered, stored, calculated, and streamed. Plugin type, that opens a whole new sphere of applications for you.

We integrated a few new protocols into flespi — vjoycar and micodus and made a lot of changes for existing protocols. By the way, I want to remind you that you can subscribe to the protocol changes that are important for your business simply by registering on our forum and following the corresponding topic thread. 

Our front-end team worked hard to make your experience with our platform better. We introduced a lot of changes to the flespi.io panel, for instance, great performance improvements when working with large volumes of devices in streams, plugins, calculators. Also, we added a few new tools such as the preview of SMS message text when you need to configure some device to the flespi and an interactive list of our MQTT topics for different items.

In February we will continue working with plugins by implementing some new functionality for them and will perform a lot of small improvements to the platform making your experience with it better each day. Stay tuned!