1 June, 2020

May 2020 change log

Major flespi improvements in May 2020.

It looks like the world is waking up after the COVID19 lethargy. flespi is not an exception. In May we continued to grow at a 30% rate on every metric thanks to our wonderful users.

In our primary EU datacenter the monthly uptime was 99.996% due to a couple of issues with the uplink provider and one 25 second downtime due to temporary CPU overload on the telematics gateway servers. Our RU datacenter was stable with 100% uptime third time in a row. Russian region connectivity is provided by RetN and I have nothing to say to them so far but compliments.

  • In May we released not too many features compared to April. For Telematics Hub channels we added the possibility to specify a white list of IP addresses that are allowed to connect in order to prevent unsolicited connections. 
  • For the SetBox application, we added macros - a new interesting feature for a fast reply of a specific sequence of commands. 
  • We also integrated one new protocol — bitrek.
  • Most of our work this month was internal and definitely, in June we will release a lot more. We finished implementing the technology for firmware upgrades and right now are testing it for the maxtrack protocol with teltonika and ruptela protocols waiting next in the queue. 
  • We are almost ready to release plugins, which will allow our users to store and stream custom device properties according to the provided schema.

Once we will finish with the above we have some plans to open our PVM technology to our users to enable them to upload their own protocols and data parsing schemas. We see increasing demand for this feature and the technology is being developed with this in mind.

Stay with us and be healthy!