3 June, 2024

May 2024 change log

Major flespi improvements in May 2024.

For us, living in mid-latitudes, the best month of the year is obviously May, when the weather has already stabilized and the warmest season is yet to come. That’s why May is usually fruitful and productive just before the summer vacation time. And the flespi team is no exception.

We finished the month with 100% uptime. Someday I hope to add “as usual” to this sentence. But that day is yet to come.

The most significant features in May were related to newly released geofences. We enabled their utilization in flespi analytics and plugins. Under the hood for both of these systems, we implemented a new storage engine system based on HASD. After thoroughly testing with geofences, we will gradually upgrade other internal components of our platform to this new engine.

Another significant change that may positively affect your integration is a separate device and channel media traffic counter instead of its summation to normal traffic. We decided not to limit media traffic on a channel level and leave only per-device limits. This makes video telematics applications on top of flespi highly functional even on Free and Start plans.

We released step-by-step guides on how to activate SSO using Google and GitLab.

Also, we made an overview and compared geocoding systems you may use with flespi.

Our flespi.io UI received a new feature allowing users to pin a selected set of items.

The device settings manager UI was updated with freshly looking settings cards. 

You may also enjoy the new SetBox UI by configuring the WiaTag tracker application remotely — we supported the maximum number of remotely configurable settings for it.

As initially mentioned in our roadmap for 2024, we are now starting the integration of tachographs into flespi. Right now, it is hard to say how much time it will take and what exactly the end result will be, but I believe that by the end of this summer we will have something workable and more or less stabilized. If you are interested in Tacho over flespi, please contact us in the chat and let us know your requirements.

Currently, we are in the process of creating a recycle bin to provide our users with the simple functionality to restore accidentally deleted channel URIs or device messages.

We are also constantly working on the generative AI subsystem (aka codi) and may soon announce something, I hope, interesting and useful for our users. GenAI-based, obviously.

Stay tuned!