30 May, 2024

Startups moving in Telematics

How flespi speeds up your product launch

The conventional belief that startups in telematics are solely associated with car sharing and micromobility might convince you that nothing new can be created. Examples like Uber, Lyft, and Convoy, all of which began as startups and have since revolutionized the industry, contribute to this notion. However, the list of areas in telematics is much broader. Startups are emerging in various fields such as fleet management, vehicle tracking, fuel and route optimization, connected vehicles, logistics, embedded solutions, maps and navigation, smart sensors, and so on.

On the other hand, the evolving telematics market increasingly attracts new players, and it comes with the challenge of climbing the hill. The idea is just the beginning, the first step, and in every journey, you desperately need not only a project plan, fellow companions, and equipment to tackle your tasks but also a platform—a solid foundation on which you can build. 

Personally, it was a surprise to see the number of young projects using flespi as a telematics API growing day by day. It made me curious, and I thought there should be not just one but multiple reasons. I’ve summed them up, and if at least three of them resonate with you, I bet we’re surely a match. ;)

Freedom to Implement Your Idea

Working on a low API level requires your web application or another UI solution on top of flespi. But it also gives you full control over data management at the core—it’s not a problem but an opportunity. A solid end-point solution when you don’t handle anything limits your perspective, making you follow the same path as others. Flespi lets you work under the hood, precisely setting up and managing the data flows to be later consumed and visualized in UI developed. Using flespi doesn’t mean you’re limited to only one pattern—it’s all about the idea, and here lies the true technical inspiration.

Full Access to Platform Functionality

Our philosophy is to welcome any new user excited about telematics. That's why even with a free account, you get all the features available on the commercial plans. This allows you to get a POC or build your MVP in shorter terms, and when it comes to beta testing, everything will work flawlessly as already being tested.

Rapid Project Scalability

Mostly, running a startup, it's always a matter of time to grow. As the architecture and principles of using telematics data are expandable, once you've got your 5 devices working smoothly, you can easily move on by adding another 100 or even 1,000 devices.

Predictable Cost of Usage

Price is another matter always on your mind. "How much will it cost to add more devices?" "What if I need more storage?" You've probably heard stories about bills skyrocketing as cloud service providers charge you monthly. Our commitment is to provide detailed explanations of all the entities used, including extras. You can easily plan expenses, calculating them accurately for the future, thereby structuring your financial plan. By the way, our AI assistant can even advise you on how to lower your monthly bill(!)

Technical Support Line

So, now you have it running all good. But at the start, there might be various technical issues, and positive feedback from new clients is crucial at this moment. In our support chat, you receive answers directly from developers, allowing for quick resolution of problems. Moreover, our AI-powered assistant can expertly navigate all the technical documentation of flespi, compiled over the years, and is capable of writing code for plugins, ensuring around-the-clock assistance.

You still think flespi is a platform oriented exclusively toward large businesses? Ok, I'll hint that you can even easily suspend commercial usage, turning specific features off for a while or freezing your account until spring or a hardware upgrade. Or even request a tech consultation on how you can build on flespi. So, your first step is here. :)