16 March, 2023

Top Ruptela GPS trackers on the flespi platform

What models of Ruptela devices were the most popular on flespi and what is special about them?

We are continuing our series of articles about the top GPS hardware manufacturers on the flespi platform. We’ve already covered Topflytech and Suntech, and Atrack. Today we are looking at Ruptela.

Ruptela is a global telematics company developing high-quality GPS tracking devices sold in 120+ countries around the world. In addition, Ruptela develops its own fleet management platform TrustTrack with 200+K objects already being monitored. Ruptela devices are used in versatile projects across a wide range of industries — from traditional logistics, delivery, and insurance, to more sophisticated agriculture, aviation, and emergency. 

Overall, our customers connected 13,000+ devices to the flespi platform in 2022. Let’s now take a closer look at which Ruptela models were the most popular.


top ruptela models on flespi

  1. Ruptela Trace5 — compact 4G vehicle GPS tracker (IP67 version available)

  2. Ruptela HCV5 — advanced 4G heavy machinery GPS tracker with CAN support

  3. Ruptela Pro5 — advanced 4G vehicle GPS tracker with CAN support

  4. Ruptela LCV5 — advanced 4G GPS tracker for cars and light commercial vehicles with CAN support

Notable features

  • All the models above feature 4G connectivity (Cat M1).

  • Three models (HCV5, Pro5, and LCV5) have 3(!) CAN interfaces that allow reading the CAN bus data over various standards: FMS, J1708, J1939, OBD, LCV CAN.

  • All the models feature rich communication options: 2+ digital outputs, 2+ analog inputs, 4+ digital inputs

  • HCV5, Pro5, and LCV5 have 2x RS232 and 1x RS485 interfaces to connect peripherals such as camera, RFID reader, ultrasonic fuel sensor, fingerprint reader, etc.

  • 1-Wire interface is available for all four models which allow pairing the trackers with temperature sensors, iButton, etc.

Expert opinion 

We asked Vladimir Tihonchuk, a hardware specialist in Gurtam, to share his experience with the Ruptela devices and where this hardware gained exceptional popularity:

I remember Ruptela from the moment of its formation. In 2011 we integrated their new protocol for FM3 series. From the start it was obvious that the engineers know their trade and do the right things.

To get a better understanding of what Ruptela is, note that the first DDD file from the tachograph was received by the Ruptela device.

The hardware is reliable and quite easy to configure. Working with CAN bus, various sensors (both digital and analog), external peripherals connected via RS232 and RS485 — all that is available and is straightforward to configure.

Ruptela offers a wide range of products but I usually recommend their most advanced GPS trackers for the most complex projects. Ruptela devices always sit on the short list of the recommended manufacturers.


Ruptela is definitely a major player in transport telematics offering a range of devices for versatile needs — from the basic universal GPS trackers for staple uses to advanced specialized trackers for heavy machinery, light commercial vehicles, trailers, with multiple CAN interfaces, tacho reading functionality, RS232, RS485, 1-Wire, and more. Ruptela hardware will likely be one of the options to consider for your next project in fleet management, logistics, delivery, and the like.