ATrack AX11

Atrack AX11 is a 4G LTE Cat.1/Cat.M1 GPS tracking unit with OBDII Interface and plug-n-play installation. Featuring OBDII, J1939 and J1708 data acquisition, optional bluetooth connectivity, driving behavior event management, and user-defined reports, AX11 is an ideal solution for usage based insurance, car rental, fleet management of both passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks, and teenage driver tracking.

Protocol: atrack Manufacturer: ATrack Forum discussion
Clear Message Queue
Clear Message Queue
Connectivity Setup
GPRS Setup. Please note that the device will restart automatically after received this command by SMS/GPRS.
gprs: GPRS/UMTS Communication Properties
server: Backend Server Communication Properties
GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking Setup. Produce new tracking reports on specified conditions
time: Track By Time
speed: Minimum Speed
engine: Engine Status
heading: Track By Heading Change
distance: Track By Distance
conditions: Track When
motion_only: Track On Motion Only
acc_off_interval: ACC OFF Interval
Info command response
Readonly settings to check device firmware and hardware info
response: Device response
J1708 Information Format
J1708 Information Format Configuration
data_fields: Data Fields
J1939 Information Format
J1939 Information Format Configuration
baud_rate: Baud Rate
data_fields: Data Fields
Vehicle Odometer
The vehicle odometer is calculated by accumulating of each GPS movement or direct speed data from OBD Port.
value: Odometer value
option: Filter out odometer accumulation when ACC is OFF
source: Odometer signal source
reset_option: Reset odometer value to zero with the following condition
Position Report Format
Position Report Format Configuration
custom_info: Custom Info
time_format: Time Format
header_prefix: Header Prefix
position_format: Position Report Data Format
Power Management
Set up the power management properties of the device.
dur_a: Power Off Timeout
dur_b: Sleep Mode Timeout
dur_c: Deep Sleep Mode Timeout
sleep_mode: Sleep Mode Settings
power_off_detect: Power Off Detection
sleep_mode_control: Control Options
Reboot Device
Reboot Device
AT Command
Send AT Command
cmd: Command
Set output 2 to be ON for 3 seconds, OFF for 2 seconds, for 5 times