Eelink TK319

Eelink TK319 is a 3G GPS tracker with GPIO extension and optional temperature sensor. The device features ACC detection, cut engine relay, speed alarm, geo-fence alarm, collision/falling alarm, vibration alarm, 140mAh battery, IP65 waterproof casing, and more.

Protocol: eelink Manufacturer: Eelink Forum discussion
AGPS Server Setup
AGPS server configuration
uri: AGPS Server URI
Network Setup
GPRS network configuration
apn: APN
apn_password: APN Password
apn_username: APN Username
Parameters of location collection
This command requests to change the parameters of location collection. All parameters define how to collect location package and how many location packages to be cached before they are sent to server.
turn: Turn
active: Active
distance: Distance
interval: Interval
quantity: Quantity
Device Information
Generic device information
imei: Device IMEI
imsi: SIM IMSI
build: Firmware Build Time
iccid: SIM ICCID
os_ver: Operation System Version
app_ver: Application Version
GPS Module
Change the work mode and parameters of GPS module. It defines how and when GPS module switches in 2 states. GPS module has 2 states: ON and OFF. When GPS module is OFF, GPS chip is closed. Normally, we can use this command to save a lot of power consumption.
t0: Work time
mode: Mode
gps_run: Running time from last GPS command
t1_total: Total time of phase 1
t1_waking: Work time in phase 1
t2_waking: Work time in phase 2
t2_periodic: periodic time of phase 2
Relay control
state: State
pattern: Pattern
Server Setup
Backend server configuration
uri: Backed Server URI
Custom command
Send custom command to device
payload: Command text
Set heartbeat timer to 5 minutes
Change time zone of the device to UTC