Ruptela FM-Eco4 light+ T

Ruptela FM-Eco4 light+ T is a 2G tracking device with an internal battery, regular casing, small size, and internal antennas. The device features 4 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 2 digital outputs, 1-Wire interface, 3-axis accelerometer, sleep mode and deep sleep mode, and more.

Protocol: ruptela Manufacturer: Ruptela Forum discussion
Connection data
Connection data
apn: APN
server: Server
protocol: Protocol
secondary_server: Secondary server
Force device to connect to server for one time
Force device to connect (for one time) to server with custom APN, user, pass, IP, port and protocol settings. Device creates dummy record just with header part. Triggered event ID = 0.
ip: IP Address
port: Port
apn_name: APN Name
protocol: Protocol
apn_login: APN Login
apn_password: APN Password
Reset Device
Reset (reboot) the device