Suntech ST330

Suntech ST330 is a compact vehicle GPS tracker with IP67 casing. The device features built-in 3-axis accelerometer, RS232 port, 3 inputs, 1 output, 5200 mAh Li-Ion battery, anti-theft, geofencing, and more.

Protocol: suntech Manufacturer: Suntech Forum discussion
GSM Network Setup
Access point settings, backend server, PIN
auth: Auth
host: Host
port: Port
pin_num: PIN number to release pin lock
sms_num: Phone number for SMS reports
host_backup: Secondary host
port_backup: Secondary port
Output 1
Enable/disable output 1
enable: Enable
Output 2
Enable/disable output 2
enable: Enable
Report Parameters
Report generation conditions setup
driving_interval: Driving mode interval
parking_interval: Parking mode interval
distance_interval: Distance interval send
emergency_attempts: Emergency attempts
emergency_interval: Emergency mode interval
keepalive_interval: Keepalive interval packet send
Request Status
Requesting status of the device
Custom command
Send custom command to device
payload: Text data to send
Request the device of family ST300 and ident 100850000 to report parameters setting values and current device status