Twig SOSCard

Twig SOSCard is a lone worker alarm device in the form of an ID badge. The device alert triggers include SOS key, an automatic man-down alarm, Amber alert, and rip alarm with pendant as a wearable option. The predefined emergency protocol transmits the last known user position and opens a two-way voice connection to the alarm receiving center (ARC). High-performance GNSS receiver with TWIG Point AGNSS, TWIG Point Netloc, TWIG Beacon on-site locating devices, Bluetooth low energy beacons (BLE), and Wi-Fi complimented with TWIG Point Monitor service for alarms monitoring and tracking is an efficient compilation of means to find of the person in distress. Hybrid indoor and outdoor location: Outdoor 4-constellation GNSS, Free TWIG Point AGNSS service for faster location fix, SRD3-option for hybrid indoor location: TWIG Beacon SRD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and TWIG Point Netloc service for public space location (cellular + Wi-Fi) and on-site location (TWIG SRD + Wi-Fi + BLE).

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