UMKa301 is an innovative GPS/GLONASS tracking device with dual-SIM support working over GSM 900/1800, GPRS Multi-slot Class 12, voice communication, and IoT connectivity. The terminal features a 3-axis accelerometer, RS-485 and 1-Wire interfaces (+ optional RS-232 and CAN), 4 inputs and 1 output, built-in battery, FOTA, Bluetooth, built-in antennas, optional SD card, optional extension slot, and more.

UMKa301 also workes over the new wialon_combine protocol.

Protocol: wialon-ips Manufacturer: GlonassSoft Forum discussion
Custom message command
The command is used to send custom messages to the device. It allows to implement additional features necessary for the controller. is added automatically
message: Text of the message
Send custom message command
{"message":"Text of the message"}
Text message
Send text message to device
message: Text message content
Send text message
{"message":"this is message text"}