ATrack AT5i

ATrack AT5 is a multifunctional GPS/GLONASS tracker for fleet management supporting communication via SMS/USSD/GPRS, configurable power management, AES-128 data encryption, several digital and analog I/O ports, two-way voice communication & wire-tap, and a lot more.

Title Name Description Properties
Clear Message Queue clear_message_queue Clear Message Queue
Connectivity Setup gprs_setup GPRS Setup. Please note that the device will restart automatically after received this command by SMS/GPRS. gprs: GPRS/UMTS Communication Properties

server: Backend Server Communication Properties
GPS Tracking gps_tracking GPS Tracking Setup. Produce new tracking reports on specified conditions time: Track By Time

speed: Minimum Speed

engine: Engine Status

heading: Track By Heading Change

distance: Track By Distance

conditions: Track When

motion_only: Track On Motion Only

acc_off_interval: ACC OFF Interval
Power Management pwr_mode Set up the power management properties of the device. dur_a: Power Off Timeout

dur_b: Sleep Mode Timeout

dur_c: Deep Sleep Mode Timeout

sleep_mode: Sleep Mode Settings

power_off_detect: Power Off Detection

sleep_mode_control: Control Options
Reboot Device reboot Reboot Device