This protocol is used by most Gosafe devices: G6S, G3SC, G3A, G3C, G6C, G737, G1S etc.

It is possible to configure Gosafe devices over the air using flespi web-based configurator tool.

Below is the list of parameters that can appear in the messages received by the channel via gosafe protocol. In most parameters, the name consists of tags split by dots: tag1.tag2.tag3.tag4... Each tag defines a certain area of an application, e.g. any parameter that contains mileage data has the 'mileage' tag in the name and any parameter related to fuel control contains the 'fuel' tag. By default JSON fields of the message received by a channel via this protocol can only contain the below-specified parameters. Any additional parameter will be prefixed by the "custom" tag, e.g. "custom.unspecified-name".

Name Type Unit Description
accident.event boolean Accident event detected
ain number volts Voltage on the analog input
backup.battery.voltage number volts Backup battery voltage
battery.voltage number volts Internal battery voltage
can.ambient.air.temperature number celsius CAN ambient air temperature
can.dtc.number number Number of diagnostic trouble codes
can.engine.load.level number percentage Calculated engine load level read from CAN
can.engine.rpm number rpm Engine RPM read from CAN
can.engine.temperature number celsius Engine temperature read from CAN
can.fuel.pressure number kPa Fuel pressure
can.intake.air.temperature number celsius Intake air temperature
can.intake.map number kPa Intake manifold absilute pressure
can.long.fuel.trim number percentage Short term fuel trim read from CAN
can.maf.air.flow.rate number g/sec MAF air flow rate read from CAN
can.mil.mileage number km Distance traveled while malfunction indicator lamp is activated, read from CAN
can.mil.status boolean Malfunction indicator lamp status read from CAN
can.short.fuel.trim number percentage Short term fuel trim read from CAN
can.throttle.pedal.level number percentage Throttle pedal push level read from CAN
can.timing.advance number degrees Ignition timing advance read from CAN
can.vehicle.speed number km/h Vehicle speed read from CAN
can.vehicle.vin string Vehicle VIN read from CAN
channel.id number ID of channel that received a message
counter.impulses number Impulses counter
device.id number ID of device that received a message
device.model string Device model ID string
device.name string Name of device that received a message
device.type.id number ID of device type of device that received a message
din number Digital inputs bitmask
dout number Digital outputs bitmask
engine.motorhours number hours Total calculated engine motorhours
external.powersource.voltage number volts External power voltage
frequency.counter.din number Frequency counter value on digital input
gsm.cellid number GSM base station ID
gsm.jamming.event boolean GSM signal jamming detected
gsm.lac number GSM location area code
gsm.mcc string GSM mobile country code
gsm.mnc string GSM mobile network code
gsm.network.roaming.status boolean GSM network in roaming mode
gsm.network.status boolean Registration in GSM network
gsm.signal.dbm number dbm Strength of GSM signal
hardware.version string Hardware version
harsh.braking.event boolean Harsh braking detected
ibutton.code string Hexadecimal code of connected iButton
ident string Device unique identificator and optional password
idle.status boolean Vehicle is in idling state
movement.status boolean Current movement state
onewire.sensor.serial string External 1-Wire sensor serial number in HEX representation
onewire.sensor.temperature number celsius External 1-Wire temperature sensor value
overspeeding.event boolean Overspeeding detected
peer string IP:port from which device connecting to the channel
position.altitude number meters Altitude value for position
position.direction number degrees Heading angle at position detection moment
position.hdop number Horizontal dilution of precision
position.latitude number degrees Latitude coordinate value
position.longitude number degrees Longitude coordinate value
position.satellites number Quantity of satellites used to calculate coordinates for given position information
position.speed number km/h Instant speed at position detection moment
position.valid boolean Is position information accurate and valid for given timestamp
position.vdop number Vertical dilution of precision
private.status boolean Device is in private mode
protocol.id number ID of protocol
protocol.version string Protocol version string
server.timestamp number seconds Timestamp when server received a message
software.version string Software version string
timestamp number seconds Message timestamp
towing.event boolean Towing event detected
trip.status boolean Trip status, true if trip started, false - if stopped
vehicle.mileage number km Total calculated mileage