Navtelecom Smart S-2430

Navtelecom Smart S-2430 is a new generation of GPS trackers assembled from high-quality components making it resistant to voltage fluctuations (up to 350V). The device features an optional built-in battery with protection from overcharging, accelerometer, 1-Wire, EcoDriving, automatic firmware updates, Bluetooth, IP54 case, and a lot more.

Title Name Description Properties
GPRS Connection gprs_connection GPRS Connection configuration apn: APN

server: Server
Input 1 input1 Input 1 configuration inp: Normal Line State
Input 2 input2 Input 2 configuration inp: Normal Line State
Input 3 input3 Input 3 configuration inp: Normal Line State
Tracking new_point New track points conditions angle: On Direction Change

timer: On Timer

distance: On Distance

over_speed: On Over Speed

stop_timer: Stop Timer

use_move_sens: On Stop And Start
Reboot reboot Reboot the device.