Ruptela FM-Tco4 HCV

Ruptela FM-Tco4 HCV is a highly advanced GPS tracker for all types of heavy vehicles – trucks, buses, agriculture, mining, building and other special machinery. It is designed to track and monitor vehicles and perform advanced tasks – read on-board computer data (CANbus), monitor driver behaviour, remotely download tachograph data, manage fuel, etc. The device communicates using GSM (2G) networks, and it is also available in version that supports UMTS (3G).

Title Name Description Properties
Connection data connection Connection data apn: APN

server: Server

protocol: Protocol
Device Information device_info_fm4 Device Information imsi: IMSI

fw_ver: Firmware Version

hw_ver: Hardware Version

cfg_tag: CFG tag

boot_ver: Bootloader Version

dev_type: Device Type

angl_coef: Angle Coefficient

dist_coef: Distance Coefficient

time_coef: Time Coefficient

ocsp_status: OCSP Status

gsm_operator: GSM Operator
Reset Device reset Reset (reboot) the device