Tracksmart GSM-50T-TRK

Tracksmart GSM-50T-TRK is a cutting-edge GPS tracking device for trailers, intermodal containers, rail cars, heavy construction, agricultural equipment, etc. The device features a solar panel that extends tracker operation in absence of external power supply. The tracker supports multiple accessories and sensors, FOTA, and features memory for 5 000 events,  extremely low power consumption, and a weather-proof case.

Title Name Description Properties
All information all_settings Retrieve all device settings.
GPRS APN apn GPRS connection APN configuration apn: APN

user: APN User

password: APN Password
Device Information device_info Device Information imsi: IMSI

fwver: Firmware Version

hwver: Hardware Version

modem_ver: Modem Version
Device Name device_name Device name configuration name: Name
Keep Alive Interval keep_alive Device connection keep alive interval configuration interval: Interval
Locate locate Locate the device.
Motion Sensor Accuracy motion Motion sensor sensitivity configuration sensitivity: Sensitivity
Reset reboot Reset the device.
Server server GPRS connection server configuration. Setting changes are applied after device reboot. ip: IP Address

port: Port
Speeding Control speeding Speeding control configuration speeding: Speeding Enabled

detection: Detection Time
Tracing Configuration tracing Tracing configuration time: Time Tracing

distance: Distance Motion Detection
Wakeup Period wakeup Device not moving wakeup period configuration period: Wakeup Period