19 March, 2020

Using flespi for typical telematics data analytics cases

Overview of common tasks that flespi analytics can handle.

flespi analytics engine offers countless opportunities for instant precalculation of versatile metrics, measures, and values relevant for telematics solutions.

Since all calculations and recalculations happen instantly in real-time, your application can subscribe to events from flespi analytics to trigger alarms, generate emergency notifications as well as to keep the values on dashboards, in tables, and elsewhere valid and up-to-date.

As flespi analytics obtains new planned and unplanned features now and then, it might be difficult to see the full picture of its capabilities. In this article, we go through common tasks that businesses seek telematics systems to solve and how flespi offers to solve them.

Trips & stops

This one is probably a must-have for anyone involved in transportation. Detecting trips and stops, calculating their duration, showing routes on the map, etc. is critical for taxis, commercial fleets, public transport, whatnot.

With flespi, you can get the collection of all trips with one calculator and a collection of all stops with another calculator as described here. On top of that, if you need trips and stops in a single place, you can merge them for convenience.


Making sure that the vehicle arrived at a certain point or area or ensuring that the delivery truck or a bus didn’t deviate from the intended route are commonplace tasks for logistics and delivery companies, car and scooter sharing, construction companies, municipalities, etc.

Geofencing functionality in flespi analytics allows defining circular or polygonal geofences in interval selectors, checking for any required conditions in interval counters, and getting the selection of intervals that matched the specified criteria inside the given geofence.


Being aware of critical changes in certain parameters is important for timely reactions and decision-making. Overspeeding, geofence ins and outs, harsh braking, long stops in inappropriate places, engine off, and many other events can help identify patterns in driving behavior, rules violations, insurance cases, arrivals/deliveries, unlawful actions, and more.

Since flespi publishes all state updates to own MQTT broker, generating notifications implies subscribing to proper MQTT topics. We show step-by-step how to set up an engine status change notification here.


Another frequent need in telematics applications is to aggregate certain parameter values over a period of time. Total or daily mileage, total or daily trips and stops duration, and other summarized measures help understand the bigger picture in reports and dashboards.

A special "accumulator" type counter in calculators takes care of this sort of task and allows aggregating values over a specific period (hour, day, week, month, year). See an example here.

Signal loss detection

If assets or vehicles you monitor go to places with intermittent or unstable GPRS connection or GPS coverage, you may want to know when (or if) your tracker goes offline (loses GPRS connection) or misses position data (loses GPS visibility). This may also indicate an attempt of malicious actions (e.g. theft) when the signal loss happens in the area with stable coverage (meaning that the device was broken or muted).

In flespi, you can specify what maximum period of inactivity is acceptable. Upon expiration the state of the interval changes to “false” (meaning that it became inactive), which points to the problem.

You name it

The cases above cover less than 1% of all possible applications of flespi analytics. With expressions able to handle logical and mathematical constructs of any complexity, there is hardly any reasonable task they cannot tackle.

The choice of interval counters leaves no doubt that you can estimate the values that matter most regardless of their complexity.

Lightning-fast data processing allows the use of flespi analytics even in the most time-critical projects.


Flespi analytics is the most advanced part of the flespi platform and the one that can bring ultimate value to the customer’s business. With tailor-made telematics database under the hood, it delivers high performance at any volumes and high flexibility for elegant implementation of your projects.

Contact us if you are doubtful if your task can be solved using flespi analytics.

Share your cases if you are already using analytics to resolve interesting problems.