1 June, 2022

May 2022 change log

Major flespi improvements in May 2022.

Summer is approaching at high pace like, I hope, soon the Ukrainian military forces will be conquering back their territories occupied by Russia. So far the Battle for Donbass is in its most active stage. And our team, as well as the major part of the civilized world nowadays, is assisting Ukranians by all means possible to run their economy.

It was interesting, yet worrisome, for us to see a rapid fall in business activity in the first two months of the war. Now we are releaved to see it get back to the previous level. This is despite the fact that the high vacation season in Europe has just started with huge queues in airports and with the business worldwide slowly turning into a long-awaited recession caused by high inflation, shortages of various resources, soaring oil and gas prices, and broken supply chains. This is topped with sanctions towards Russia issued by the European Union, UK and USA which also negatively influence their economies.

So by all odds it seems that the world should prepare for difficult years ahead. But as we know — a time of change is also a time of opportunities. And we, in flespi, want to take advantage of these opportunities and get out of this recession with great volumes. That’s why we decided to simplify our pricing model, concentrate on telematics only, seize charging for auxiliary entities (MQTT sessions, subaccounts, tokens, and the like), and, as a result, make flespi cheaper to use. 

To simplify payment processing (as PayPal sometimes is a limiting factor for us) we integrated payments via Stripe. It allows direct charges from credit cards as well as autopayments and direct SEPA charges. Flespi part of the integration is already completed and we are waiting for the final approval by the Gurtam corporate Finance department to launch and announce it.

But as everybody knows, prices are nothing compared to technology and stability. In May flespi proudly repeated its highest possible 100% uptime with zero seconds unavailability. This is especially cool because in May our uplink provider upgraded our network connection from 1G to 10G lines as the first step towards providing our services in two datacenters simultaneously. Also in the middle of May we changed our network configuration with greatly improved data transfers over TCP for locations with medium and high latencies. Improved data transfer performance should be most noticeable by users from America and Asia.

We integrated the HERE reverse geocoding plugin suitable for injecting address information into device messages. Now we have a full suite of popular address resolvers you may use: Google Maps, Wialon, OSM, and HERE.

We integrated four new protocols: Teltonika Mobility (MQTT), Invers Platform, Zimo electric scooters, and Atlantasys

In June we hope Ukraine with the help of the western weapons will be able to start counter-attacking and flespi will do its best to help our users reach their targets — be it the number of users or devices connected to their platforms or seamless implementation of their telematics projects.