1 October, 2019

September 2019 change log

Major flespi improvements in September 2019

After a perfect sunny summer, the cold autumn has arrived. This September in Belarus was quite foggy, windy, and cold — perfect conditions for productive engineering work;)

  • We finished September with 99.9934% uptime and had two incidents. One was related to database overload during controlled global cleanup operation which caused 108 seconds delay in database queues. And another one occurred on the last September Sunday and was related to MQTT Broker. There was a bug in processing of incorrectly specified ACL records in tokens which mostly had an impact on the MQTT Broker service. Once the problem was automatically reported, it took us a few minutes to figure out the user causing the problem and disable it establishing normal operation of the MQTT Broker service. The actual unavailability period was detected twice with a total duration of 62 seconds. It took us another two hours to implement the actual bugfix — once we installed it, the problematic user was turned back on. 
  • One of the first weeks in September was still warm and the flespi team decided to spend it in talks about the future and the place of flespi in it. Our main idea was to design the architecture of the platform that is located in multiple independent data centers and that is fully autonomous whenever required, but at the same time seamlessly available for our users worldwide. We designed a concept and now are gradually implementing it. The first independent location is in Russia where we’ve already installed the first rack with 13 servers and are now testing their operation.
  • We have covered two interesting flespi use-cases — one is about insurance telematics and another is about telematics/IoT interconnected dashboard service. We will cover a few more flespi use-cases in the next months.
  • Finally, we have released the video streams from TelematiX 2019 conference on our Youtube channel. Although it was mostly Wialon-related conference, a few companies also use flespi for their business and gave presentations about that:
  • We have integrated three new protocols into flespi telematics hub: neomatica, sinocastel and arnavi.
  • Our MQTT Tiles dashboard application received a bunch of major updates and from a simple MQTT dashboard, it turned into a complex visualization platform that requires a thorough understanding of concepts and principles to use it efficiently.
  • Most of our technical changelogs moved to the flespi forum and are updated almost in real-time as we install new features. In fact, we have a lot of technical changes — not only for protocols but also for the platform modules. To track those in real-time I recommend registering on the forum and subscribing to the Changelog tag or specified topics to get immediate email (Telegram coming soon) notifications about any updates.

In October we expect better weather and colorful nature with the streets covered with red and yellow leaves. But the good weather won’t interfere with our development. Most of our operations are related to deploying our new location in Russia into production as described here and of course implementing hundreds of new features we come up with all the time or you suggest we implement.