Cellocator Cello-F

Cellocator Cello-F is an innovative all-in-one GPS-GPRS device, equipped with a built-in quad-band GSM/GPRS modem, SiRF III GPS engine, powerful ARM7 based CPU and 3D accelerometer. It is compatible with any road vehicle type and fully certified to meet automotive, radio and safety standards in Europe and North America

Protocol: cellocator Manufacturer: Cellocator Forum discussion
Dallas Key 2
Dallas 02 code
dallas_key2: Dallas Key
Dallas Key 3
Dallas 03 code
dallas_key3: Dallas Key
Enable Immobilizer activation while there is no Authentication code
imm_enable: Enable Immobilizer
Output state change
Change one output state at a time
time: Output change time
state: Output ON State
output: Output
vehicle_stop: Require vehicle stop
Generic Command
Generic command, message type 0
code: Command code
spec: Command specific data field
data1: Command data field 1
data2: Command data filed 2
Reset device
Request status from device
Commence gradual engine stop
Tracking control with resolution of time events 4
Programming command
Programming command (message type 1) - allows to configure the device
data: Block data - 16 bytes HEX
block: Block code number
bitmask: Bitmask - 2 bytes HEX
Set maintenance server connection period 2 days
Register Dallas key 2 (iButton code 2) with value 112233445566
Modular Message Request
Modular message request, message type 9
data: Sub-Data
type: Sub-Data type
CAN data request
Firmware manifest request
Time and location stamp request
Output state change
Output state change
state: Desired state of output
ordinal: Output ordinal number
Set Output 0 (siren) ON