Cellocator MiniTrack

Cellocator MiniTrack is a compact, waterproof, affordable GPS tracker with BLE connectivity. The device features a 3-axis accelerometer, 5 digital IOs, backup battery, movement detection, orientation change detection, tampering detection, crash detection, towing detection, geofencing, and more.

Protocol: cellocator Manufacturer: Cellocator Forum discussion
Generic Command
Generic command, message type 0
code: Command code
spec: Command specific data field
data1: Command data field 1
data2: Command data filed 2
Reset device
Request status from device
Commence gradual engine stop
Tracking control with resolution of time events 4
Programming command
Programming command (message type 1) - allows to configure the device
data: Block data - 16 bytes HEX
block: Block code number
bitmask: Bitmask - 2 bytes HEX
Set maintenance server connection period 2 days
Register Dallas key 2 (iButton code 2) with value 112233445566
Modular Message Request
Modular message request, message type 9
data: Sub-Data
type: Sub-Data type
CAN data request
Firmware manifest request
Time and location stamp request
Output state change
Output state change
state: Desired state of output
ordinal: Output ordinal number
Set Output 0 (siren) ON