Neomatica ADM700

Neomatica ADM700 is an advanced vehicle GPS tracker with CAN data support. The device features 6 analog and 2 digital inputs,  RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces, CAN bus (FMS; J1939), 1-Wire interface, 1000mAh Li-Ion battery, 2 SIM cards, voice support, 3G support (in ADM700 3G model), IP65 casing, and more.

Protocol: neomatica Manufacturer: Neomatica Forum discussion
Tracking period
move_int: In Motion
stop_int: At Stop
Report Message Composition
Configure additional blocks of the report message.
can: CAN-bus data
fuel: Fuel level sensors
in_a: Analog inputs
in_d: Impulse inputs
outs: Outputs, events on inputs
odometr: Odometer values
Custom command
Send custom command to device
parameters: Optional parameters
command_name: Command name
Reboot the device
Set period of tracking to 30 seconds in motion and 300 seconds without motion
Compose report message from the main data only. Do not include additional data