Concox GT230

Concox GT230 is a high-end GPS car tracker with international standard OBD II plug, which is specifically designed for the private cars. It’s easy to install, built-in backup battery, supports cut-off power alarm, acc detection, tracking location and upload fault diagnosis information and car condition in real time, widely applied to private cars and other motor vehicles with OBDII plug.

Title Name Description Properties
ACC Report acc_report ACC Change Report Setup enable: Enable ACC Report
Analog Input Data Interval analog_interval Analog Input Data Upload Interval ad_upload: Enable Upload of Analog Data

ad_interval: Upload Interval
Angle Report angle_report Angle Change Report Setup time: Detecting Time

corner: Angle

enable: Enable Angle Report
External Battery Alarm bat_alarm External Alarm Setup max: Maximum Voltage

min: Minimum Voltage

time: Detection Time

type: Alarm Type

enable: Enable Alarm
GPS Blind Alarm blind_aralm GSP Blind Area Alarm Setup type: Alarm Type

enable: GPS Blind Alarm

delay_stop: Leave Report Delay

delay_start: Enter Report Delay
Center Number center_number Center Number Setup. Center number is required to send SMS with the cut off/restore oil command from phone: Center Number
Delayed Defense defense Delayed Defense Setup delay: Delayed Defense
Distance Interval dist_interval GPS Data Upload Distance Interval distance: Distance Interval
Door Alarm Condition door Door Alarm Condition Setting: Positive or Negative mode: Alarm Condition
Side Door Alarm door_alarm Door Alarm Setup type: Alarm Type

door_alarm: Enable Alarm
Find Car find Find car by triggering light and buzzer
Geofence Alarm geofence_alarm Geofence Alarm Setup mode: Alarm Triggering Mode

type: Alarm Type

shape: Geofence Shape

circle: Circle Geofence Parameters

rectangle: Rectangle Geofence Parameters

fence_alarm: Enable Alarm
Heartbeat Interval hbt_interval Heartbeat Data Upload Interval hbt_on: ACC ON Interval

hbt_off: ACC OFF Interval
LED Sleep Mode led_sleep LED Sleep Mode Setup enable: Enable LED Sleep Mode
Displacement Alarm move_alarm Displacement Alarm Setup type: Alarm Type

radius: Radius

move_alarm: Enable Alarm
GPRS Setup network Configure APN parameters apn: APN

password: APN Password

username: APN Username
Mileage Statistics odometer Mileage Statistics Function mil_init: Initial Mileage

odo_enable: Mileage Statistics
Overspeeding Alarm overspeed_alarm Overspeeding Alarm Setup time: Time Interval

type: Alarm Type

limit: Speed Limit

enable: Enable Alarm
Restart Device reboot Device restart 20 seconds after receiving this command
Petrol/Electricity Control relay Retrol/electricity Control cut_off: Cut Off pertol/electicity
Server Setup server Configure backend server parameters host: Host

mode: Host Mode

port: Port
SOS Alarm sos_alarm SOS Alarm Setup type: Alarm Type

enable: Enable Alarm
SOS Numbers sos_numbers SOS Phone Numbers Setup delete: Delete Numbers

phone1: First Number

phone2: Second Number

phone3: Third Number
Time Interval time_interval GPS Data Upload Time Interval time_on: ACC On Upload Interval

time_off: ACC Off Upload Interval
Time Zone timezone Time Zone Setup half_tz: Half Time Zone

time_zone: Time Zone

hemisphere: Hemisphere
Vibration alarm vibr_alarm Vibration Alarm Setup type: Ararm Type

vibr_alarm: Vibration Alarm