Concox GT710

Concox GT710 is a compact, waterproof GPS tracking unit for fixed asset tracking. The device features an IP66 casing capable of working in harsh environment, low battery, shutdown, and tamper alerts, a strong magnetic mount, and more. The device battery is enough to last for up to 3 years.

Title Name Description Properties
ACC Report acc_report ACC Change Report Setup enable: Enable ACC Report
Analog Input Data Interval analog_interval Analog Input Data Upload Interval ad_upload: Enable Upload of Analog Data
Angle Report angle_report Angle Change Report Setup angle_rep: Enable Angle Report
External Battery Alarm bat_alarm External Battery Alarm Setup battery: Enable Alarm
GPS Blind Alarm blind_alarm GSP Blind Area Alarm Setup blind: Enable Alarm
Side Door Alarm door_alarm Door Alarm Setup door: Enable Alarm
Find Car find Find car by triggering light and buzzer
Geofence Alarm geofence_alarm Geofence Alarm Setup fence: Enable Alarm
GPS Data Upload gps_data_upload GPS Data Upload Setup mode: GPS Data Upload Mode
Heartbeat Interval hbt_interval Heartbeat Data Upload Interval hbt_on: ACC ON Interval

hbt_off: ACC OFF Interval
Displacement Alarm move_alarm Displacement Alarm Setup move: Enable Alarm
GPRS Setup network Configure APN parameters apn: APN

password: APN Password

username: APN Username
Overspeeding Alarm overspeed_alarm Overspeeding Alarm Setup overspeed: Enable Alarm
Restart Device reboot Device restart 20 seconds after receiving this command
Server Setup server Configure backend server parameters comm: Communication Mode

mode: Host Mode
SOS Alarm sos_alarm SOS Alarm Setup sos: Enable Alarm
Vibration alarm vibr_alarm Vibration Alarm Setup vibr: Enable Alarm