Concox GV20

Concox GV20 is a feature-rich 3G GPS tracker for vehicle monitoring working over WCDMA & GSM networks. The device features remote fuel/power cutoff, ignition status detection, instant alerts, and IP65 dust and waterproof casing.

Title Name Description Properties
Center Number center_number Center Number Setup. Center number is required to send SMS with the cut off/restore oil command from phone: Center Number
Delayed Defense defense Delayed Defense Setup delay: Delayed Defense
GPS Data Upload gps_data_upload GPS Data Upload Setup mode: GPS Data Upload Mode
Displacement Alarm move_alarm Displacement Alarm Setup move: Enable Alarm
GPRS Setup network Configure APN parameters apn: APN

password: APN Password

username: APN Username
Restart Device reboot Device restart 20 seconds after receiving this command
Petrol/Electricity Control relay Retrol/electricity Control cut_off: Cut Off petrol/electicity
Server Setup server Configure backend server parameters comm: Communication Mode

mode: Host Mode
SOS Numbers sos_numbers SOS Phone Numbers Setup delete: Delete Numbers

phone1: First Number

phone2: Second Number

phone3: Third Number
Status status Update status of the scooter
Vibration alarm vibr_alarm Vibration Alarm Setup vibr: Enable Alarm
Where where Obtain real-time position of the scooter