Concox OB22

Concox OB22 is a plug & play OBD port tracker using GSM and GPRS communication network along with GPS technology. The device features ignition status detection, multiple alarms, voice monitoring, and more.

Title Name Description Properties
ACC Report acc_report ACC Change Report Setup enable: Enable ACC Report
Analog Input Data Interval analog_interval Analog Input Data Upload Interval ad_upload: Enable Upload of Analog Data
Angle Report angle_report Angle Change Report Setup angle_rep: Enable Angle Report
GPS Data Upload gps_data_upload GPS Data Upload Setup mode: GPS Data Upload Mode
Heartbeat Interval hbt_interval Heartbeat Data Upload Interval hbt_on: ACC ON Interval

hbt_off: ACC OFF Interval
GPRS Setup network Configure APN parameters apn: APN

password: APN Password

username: APN Username
Server Setup server Configure backend server parameters comm: Communication Mode

mode: Host Mode