Concox X3

Concox X3 is a multifunctional vehicle GPS tracker allowing to connect a number of external devices and accessories. The device features two-way communication, driving behavior monitoring, G-sensor and door-sensor, battery temperature monitoring, remote fuel/power cutoff, and more

Title Name Description Properties
ACC Report acc_report ACC Change Report Setup enable: Enable ACC Report
Analog Input Data Interval analog_interval Analog Input Data Upload Interval ad_upload: Enable Upload of Analog Data
Angle Report angle_report Angle Change Report Setup angle_rep: Enable Angle Report
Center Number center_number Center Number Setup. Center number is required to send SMS with the cut off/restore oil command from phone: Center Number
Delayed Defense defense Delayed Defense Setup delay: Delayed Defense
Door Alarm Condition door Door Alarm Condition Setting: Positive or Negative mode: Alarm Condition
GPS Data Upload gps_data_upload GPS Data Upload Setup mode: GPS Data Upload Mode
Heartbeat Interval hbt_interval Heartbeat Data Upload Interval hbt_on: ACC ON Interval

hbt_off: ACC OFF Interval
LED Sleep Mode led_sleep LED Sleep Mode Setup enable: Enable LED Sleep Mode
GPRS Setup network Configure APN parameters apn: APN

password: APN Password

username: APN Username
Mileage Statistics odometer Mileage Statistics Function odometer: Mileage Statistics
Petrol/Electricity Control relay Retrol/electricity Control cut_off: Cut Off petrol/electicity
Server Setup server Configure backend server parameters comm: Communication Mode

mode: Host Mode
SOS Numbers sos_numbers SOS Phone Numbers Setup delete: Delete Numbers

phone1: First Number

phone2: Second Number

phone3: Third Number
Time Zone timezone Time Zone Setup half_tz: Half Time Zone

time_zone: Time Zone

hemisphere: Hemisphere